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Riding Solo? Get The App That Checks Up On Your Safety

Riding solo in remote areas can be dangerous and most Adventure Riders try to avoid it if they can. If you do ride solo, keeping your loved ones informed of your plans improves your chances of being found if you end up... Read More

How To Prepare for Your First Epic Adventure Tour

Planning for your first Epic Adventure Tour
Steve Green of Southern California wanted to visit Alaska ever since he first read about the building of the Alaska Highway as a child. He had been thinking about the idea of taking a motorcycle trip to Alaska, but he hadn't ridden... Read More

New AZBDR Trail System – Reporting From the Field

Grand Canyon View AZBDR
Lynda from St. George, Utah usually likes to do a lot of planning before she goes on a trip. But her well-planned Spring Break tour of Moab, Utah was thrown out the window when her boyfriend and riding partner broke his hand... Read More

New SW-Motech Seat-Rack Extends Your Luggage Rack

SW-Motech Seat-Rack
Loading your Adventure Bike for a trip is always a challenge. There are ten different ways to strap gear on your luggage rack and it always seems to be overloaded and unstable. A few hours into the ride you inevitably realize that... Read More

10 Things to Know About the 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure

2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure
The new 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure is the top of the GS model line. It's a no compromise machine that offers cutting-edge technology, performance and sophistication. The Adventure model is the off-road focused version of the standard R1200GS, that includes enhancements for long-distance... Read More

Check “Alaska Adventure Tour” Off Your Bucket List

Alaska Adventure Tour
If you look at the bucket list of most Adventure Riders, you are likely to find an Alaska Adventure Tour listed near the top. Moto Journalist Ari Henning of Motorcyclist Magazine is no different. For years he had dreamed of an Alaska... Read More

Motorcycle Riding Gear That Adapts to the Weather

Halvarssons motorcycle riding gear with Outlast technology
Adventure rides can cover long distances across many different types of environments. In a single day, the temperature can swing wildly with weather or elevation changes. Most motorcycle riding gear is designed for either hot or cold temperatures, requiring you to stop... Read More

Top 10 All-Time Fastest Adventure Motorcycles

BMW R1200GS Adventure Fastest Adventure Motorcycles
Dual Sport motorcycles originated from the need to link up trails on dirt bikes. These early bikes had just enough comfort and legality to ride on pavement for short periods of time. As Dual Sport motorcycles evolved into Adventure Bikes,... Read More
Ural Gear-Up 2WD

How Good is the Ural Gear-Up With 2WD Off-Road?

Ural built its reputation over decades of being used on the worst roads of the f...

Andy and Emilie on Royal Enfield

Riding "Two Up" from Delhi to Rangoon on a Royal Enfield

It started as just a crazy idea between Andy Benfield and his girlfriend Emilie ...

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

Product Spotlight: Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag

Tank bags offer a lot of convenience for storing items you want easy access to. ...

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