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ADV BikesCarducci’s $70k+ Custom Harley Dual Sport Gets Desert Tested

Carducci’s $70k+ Custom Harley Dual Sport Gets Desert Tested

 MotoGeo reviews the Carducci DS after putting the bike through its paces.

Published on 01.21.2016

The Carducci Dual Sport is a custom Adventure Bike that starts out as a Harley Sportster, then gets a 6.3 gallon tank, HID headlight and a long list of other top-of-the-line components.

At 465 pounds (211 kg) without fuel, the Carducci is no featherweight for off-road use. However, off-road performance is greatly improved via a 48mm fork and twin rear shocks from Ohlins that provide a respectable 9″ of travel in the front and 8″ in the rear. Dirt-oriented 21″ front and 18″ rear wheels give it inertia to keep the suspension settled over big rocks, and a bored-out Harley V-Twin motor provides plenty of torque for good traction in the dirt.


carducci dual sport off-road

The going rate for a Carducci Dual Sport is about $70,000, plus the cost of a donor Harley Sportster. Luckily for Carducci, there are a fair amount of people willing to pay for this kind of unique and exclusive motorcycle.

In the video above, Jamie Robinson of MotoGeo Adventures goes through his impressions on the Carducci after getting the bike dirty in the hot deserts of Southern California. The footage shows the bike is capable of being ridden off-road with confidence and that the Carducci Dual Sport is more than just a polished showpiece. While its price tag may make the Carducci Dual Sport unobtainable for most of us, the video only bolsters our opinion that it is the coolest Harley ever built!

carducci dual sport hill descent

carducci dual sport off-road

To see Jamie’s adventure through the Southern California desert check out the video below.

Key motorcycle features:
• Aluminum 6.3 gal tank hand formed by Evan Wilcox, painted by Old School Customs
• Offroad enabling swingarm pivot gussets added to the stock frame
• Powder coated frame and rear fender
• Beringer brakes
• Ohlins suspension and Scotts steering stabilizer
• 2-into-1 SST hand built custom header by BTRmoto
• Billet aluminum swingarm
• Billet aluminum triple clamps
• Vibration damped and position adjustable bar risers
• Corbin custom seat
• Excel rims and heavy gauge spokes, Rad front hub, Billet Boys rear hub
• Leo Vince SST muffler with spark arrestor
• Acerbis / carbon fiber hand guards
• Melvin brake lines
• Pivot Pegz
• 1250cc NRHS upgraded H-D Sportster motor with Andrews N4 cams
• Re-jetted carburetor with SE K&N high-flow air filter

To learn more visit Carducci’s site.

Author: Annette Peterson

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