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Christini Announces “II-Track” AWD Snow Bike System

 Your dual sport can take you to even more places now with this dual track kit.

Published on 12.20.2016

Christini All-Wheel-Drive Motorcycles has announced their II-Track Snow Bike system for use in both recreation and military applications. This new bolt-on kit will utilize Christini’s All-Wheel-Drive technology platform to power both the front and rear of the machine. The patent pending II-Track front track system will enable the already versatile Christini AWD Motorcycle to be used as a year round machine grabbing traction in just about every condition imaginable.

Christini Technologies AWD II-TrackChristini Technologies AWD II-Track
Sneak peak photos of the AWD II-Track, which is adjustable for a wide range of conditions that range from hard packed snow and soft powder to mud and sand.

II-Track utilizes a small front snow track centered between a split ski to assist in flotation. The track is positioned between the front forks and is driven from the front hub, which in turn is powered by the Christini AWD drive system. The front drive system adds improved steering, traction and braking, and is also adjustable for a wide range of conditions from hard packed snow and soft powder to mud and sand.

II-Track Compatibility

Christini AWD Motorcycles have a dirt bike swing arm configuration that is compatible with standard rear snow track systems from Arctic-Cat, Timbersled, and Yeti Snow MX, all of which work in conjunction with the Christini front track system. A Christini AWD 450 four stroke (learn more here) or 300 two-stroke motorcycle are required to use the system. Christini AWD Motorcycles start at $8,395 MSRP.

Christini’s front track kit will be available Winter 2017 and the price is expected to be around $2,000. For more information visit

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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