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ADV BikesFirst Shipment of Cyclone RX-3 250cc ADV Bikes Has Arrived

First Shipment of Cyclone RX-3 250cc ADV Bikes Has Arrived

 Crates of fully-equipped 250cc Adventure Bikes are now being unloaded.

Published on 04.09.2015
The little Cyclone has finally hit U.S. shores from the Far East!

The first shipment of CSC Cyclone RX-3 motorcycles has arrived on U.S. shores and are now being unloaded at CSC Motorcycles’ Azusa, California headquarters. More shipments of the 250cc adventure bikes will continue to arrive over the next four days.

CSC still needs to enter everything into their inventory control system before they can deliver bikes to customers, but the wait is nearly over for eager customers that put a deposit down on a new RX-3. New customers will also soon be able to take home a new RX-3 off the CSC showroom floor.

“This is a great day for CSC and a great day for our riders here in the United States. The RX-3 is a great motorcycle at a great price, and the fact that our first shipment has nearly sold out even before the motorcycles arrived speaks volumes about the demand for a “right-sized” bike designed for real world adventure travel. We’re happy to be offering it in the US. Canada is next,” said Steve Seidner, President and CEO of CSC Motorcycles.


“Our approach to market is substantially different than any other motorcycle company, and the reaction to our business model is validating our rider empowerment concepts,” Seidner continued.

“We sell direct to our riders rather than using a dealer network, which allows us to keep costs down. We’re passing these savings directly to our riders, which is why we can sell a high quality motorcycle like the RX-3 for $3,495.”

The RX3 motorcycle is manufactured by Zongshen in China to CSC specifications. At its $3,495 price, the motorcycle includes luggage, windshield, dual sport tires, disk brakes, engine guards, a skid plate, and all other features required for adventure riding. CSC provides a service manual with each RX-3 along with an extensive series of online tutorials that empower adventure riders to learn how to do their own maintenance on these simple bikes.

CSC Motorcycles is accepting Cyclone RX-3 orders now. For a full review and specs, check out our first ride review of the CSC Cyclone RX-3.

Author: Rob Dabney

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5 thoughts on “First Shipment of Cyclone RX-3 250cc ADV Bikes Has Arrived

  1. Just road my brand new rx-3 home from the dealer, one hundred and thirty miles of joy what a great little bike can not wait to get it run in.
    Will Oxford UK

    • Hi Fred.

      I don’t believe CSC has any plans of developing a dealer network at this time. But they say you can get your RX3 serviced at any motorcycle shop and they’ll ship any required parts ASAP. Most dealers don’t seem to carry much inventory of parts these days anyway.