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ADV BikesHonda Teases Us With a New “Interactive” Africa Twin Video

Honda Teases Us With a New “Interactive” Africa Twin Video

 A new interactive video follows two Africa Twin riders on an epic journey.

Published on 10.16.2015

Just when you thought Honda’s Africa Twin marketing team had nothing left in the tank, they release yet another promo video about the most anticipated adventure bike of the year. And like many of the other CRF1000L Africa Twin videos, it’s well worth a watch. Honda relentlessly teases us with this seductive new video that follows two Africa Twin riders on an epic journey in some far-away land. But it’s a video with a twist, an interactive video that allows you to determine the route the riders take on their adventure.

This interactive journey lets you surf the dunes, explore the mountains or hit the open road, all while revealing more of the performance capabilities of the new CRF1000L Africa Twin. On difficult terrain, the Honda’s suspension seems to absorbs rocks effortlessly to provide a smooth ride, even for a couple riding the Africa Twin two-up. We also get a few glimpses of Honda’s line of Africa Twin accessories.


The film’s dramatic footage immerses you in the experience and whets the appetite even more for that first ride on the Africa Twin. We’re not sure how much more teasing we can take, but we’re sure Honda isn’t done with us yet.

Photo Gallery

CRF1000L Africa Twin dunes

CRF1000L Africa Twin Riders

CRF1000L Africa Twin at the gate

CRF1000L Africa Twin camping

CRF1000L Africa Twin canyon

CRF1000L Africa Twin two-up

CRF1000L Africa Twin sunset

CRF1000L Africa Twin wheelie

CRF1000L Africa Twin Jump

Africa Twin Interactive Video CRF1000L

CRF1000L Africa Twin Mountains

CRF1000L Africa Twin hillclimb

Author: Rob Dabney

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  1. Beautiful Sierra Nevada, La Calahorra castle, in Spain, paradise for trail and off road. Fantastic bike, next in my stable after 990.