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ADV BikesNew Colors and Pricing for 2019 Honda Africa Twin Lineup

New Colors and Pricing for 2019 Honda Africa Twin Lineup

 The AT returns with two models, a price bump & new color schemes for 2019.

Published on 10.03.2018

The Honda Africa Twin returns for 2019 with two models in the lineup, the standard Africa Twin CRF1000L and the Africa Twin ‘Adventure Sports’ CRF1000L2. The Adventure Sports model was introduced last year and adds long-range travel and off-road improvements to the standard Africa Twin, along with additional touring amenities. In addition, the standard Africa Twin received a host of new upgrades for 2018.

While no mechanical changes have been announced for 2019, Honda has introduced two new color schemes. The standard Africa Twin now comes in either a Dark Blue, White and Red option or Matte Black, both with the popular Gold rims. In the Adventure Sports model there is one color option, Light Silver / Gray Mettallic. The new monochrome color scheme also features a White frame with Gold rims.

2019 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Adventure Motorcycle
New Blue/White/Red color scheme available for the 2019 standard Africa Twin model.

The 2019 Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports share a steel semi-double-cradle frame that provides nimble on-road manners and great off-road capability. The Adventure Sports offers 10.6 inches of ground clearance (.8 inches more than the Africa Twin). Each has a wheelbase of 61.2 inches, and rake/trail figures of 27.5°/4.5 inches. Curb weight for the Adventure Sports is 533 pounds (556 pounds DCT), while the standard model weighs in at 507 lbs. (529 pounds DCT).


The Adventure Sports’ 45mm Showa cartridge-type inverted fork has 8.9 inches of suspension stroke (up .9 inches from the standard Africa Twin), offering great long-travel performance. At the Adventure Sports’ rear, a Showa shock delivers 9.4 inches of travel.

On both models, the shock has a low upper mount for mass centralization, and it features a 46mm remote reservoir for stable damping control under more extreme off-road conditions. Spring preload can be adjusted via a dial on the shock body; rebound and compression damping are also fully adjustable.

2019 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Adventure Motorcycle

2019 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Adventure Motorcycle
The 2019 Africa Twin ‘Adventure Sports’ is now available in Light Silver/Gray Metallic.

The entire Africa Twin platform utilizes a Throttle By Wire (TBW) system that features four individual riding modes and a Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system. The use of TBW allows an array of choices for managing engine output, feel, and rear-wheel traction. The system features seven levels—from Level 1, for aggressive riding off-road on block-pattern tires, to Level 7, for maximum sense of security on slippery, wet tarmac. It is possible to turn HSTC completely off, and there are also three levels of power and engine braking available.

For extended off-road use, the Adventure Sports’ seat features a flatter profile than the standard model, and seat height is 1.2 inches higher. The seat adjusts .8 inches, for a seat height of either 35.4 inches or 36.2 inches (compared to 33.5 inches and 34.3 inches); there’s also a rear storage pocket tucked away on the right side. To match the raised seat height, the handlebar position is 1.3 inches higher and .2 inches further back than that of the standard model, resulting in a more upright riding position.

2019 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Adventure Motorcycle
An all black color option returns for the 2019 standard Africa Twin.

True to their off-road heritage, the Africa Twin models feature spoke front and rear wheels in size 21 and 18 inches, respectively, wearing 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 tires. The spokes are manufactured in stainless steel for improved durability and ease of care.

Prices for all 2019 Honda Africa Twin models have increased (see table below) by $100 for standard transmission and $200 for DCT models. Keep an eye out for them at your local Honda dealer sometime this November!

Available Honda Accessories

• Quick shifter
• Heated grip attachment
• Heated grip set
• 12v accessory socket
• Light bar/skid plate
• Low seat (CRF1000L2)
• Centerstand
• Rear carrier
• Tall windscreen
• Low seat (Rally color or Black)
• DCT foot shifter
• Comfort passenger footpegs
• Top case
• Top case lock
• 1 key inner cylinder set
• 1 key body part
• Backrest pad
• Pannier set

2019 Honda Africa Twin Specs Comparison

 2019 Africa Twin Models HP Torque
Wet Weight
Suspension Travel
Seat Height
Fuel Capacity
 Africa Twin (Manual Trans.)9472506.89.1/8.734.34.97$13,599
 Africa Twin (DCT)9472530.09.1/8.734.34.97$14,399
 Africa Twin Adventure Sports (Manual Trans.)9472533.09.9/9.435.46.37$15,099
 Africa Twin Adventure Sports (DCT)9472555.89.9/9.435.46.37$15,899

Click here for full specs comparo list.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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25 thoughts on “New Colors and Pricing for 2019 Honda Africa Twin Lineup

  1. 1 year from now: New range of Honda Africa Twin. Now featuring 2000 rider modes, 1000 more ways to manage engine output and traction, but still no cruise control or tubeless tire options.

    I really want a Africa Twin but for now, the BMW850GS might be the better option as my next bike

    • Agree wholeheartedly. Apparently Honda dont listen to customer desires/demands. They know better. So be it, but not with me as a paying customer.

      I am a R1200GSA rider who wanted to go for an ATAS. I will drop that now and either stay with my current or go for the new R1250GSA

  2. I own a 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT and couldn’t be happier. With Dakar Rally looks, fantastic balance, smooth healthy power and a transmission that seamlessly shifts like magic, it truly is a joy to ride. I’m so happy to see Honda returning to the US market with the 2019. Fantastic. I’m more than positive more and more riders will be moved by this machine and have to have one. Thank you Honda for keeping this model around the US a little longer. Happy Trails

  3. I don’t know what Honda was thinking but the so called “New” Color Scheme is nothing less than Hideous….I was thinking about the New ADVenture Sports Bike…Now I wouldn’t be caught dead on it..The TRI-COLOR Scheme is What these Bikes should have…Enuf said!!!

  4. With address to Honda Motors Co. And the responsive for Africa Twin/Adventure Sports:

    Disappointing, really disappointing. If I am to believe what i read you, apparently, have no or little interest in listening to thousands upon thousands of worldwide customers. Nor trying to attract BMW customers in the adventure segment.

    How on Earth is it possible to launch 2019 models, with drive-by-wire ver.2, but not with cruise control? I just have to ask, Why? Who caren about the colors? Well some might, not me. I wanted features, colors were alright.

    Here I was, seriously considering to abandon BMW GS Adventure and go the Africa Twin Adventure Sports way. But reading this its much less likely.

    For those of us who older folks, who travel 20+k kilometers a year, on all kinds of roads but a lot of longer journeys, a cruise control simple is a must have. I tested ATAS, really liked it. But with lack of cruise control it is just no for me. Pretty sure I am not alone thinking this.

    Had you provided it, even as an extra option, it would be an easy choice. I am, perhaps many others too, ready to try something new. Now, think I will stay with a Bavarian MutterSchiff. It might not look the par for every taste but touring you can, and relax while at it.

    No Honda, I suppose you know better. But that means exlcuding bayer groups who otherwise might have chosen to become ATAS/AT owners. I Agree with the previous poster, BMW R1250GS/GS Adventure is a better choice for me. Sad, but true.

    Over & Out.

  5. For those of you who are asking for cruise control…just think about for a moment what your are asking for. A cruise control on a rally bike???!!!

    • Yeah, some of us actually ride our bikes on paved roads to get to our adventure destinations as we don’t have all the time in the world for vacation. I road from Las Vegas to Dawson City in the Yukon. Took the top of the World Highway and rode part of the Dempster along with a lot of gravel and dirt riding on the way. Would have loved to have electronic cruise for the stretches paved highway I had to use. I sacrificed Electronic CC to ride a Ducati Multistrada 950 (other than no CC was an awesome ride BTW.). Any large displacement bike sold in the U.S. that has TBW should have CC. It’s a no brainer.

    • Yeah Nino, it’s pretty damn important. I rode 18,000 km on my gsa in 42 days around the 4 corners of Europe You try doing 10 hours a day with no cruise control. Would love to try the Africa twin but it’s probably the biggest reason I wouldn’t buy one.

  6. Nice bike. Can’t wait to buy one. Please call when you have tubeless tires, TFT dash and cruise control. Just finished riding from Austin to New Mexico on my Tenere, did 90% of NMBDR and then rode straight home from Grants, New Mexico in one day. A guy in our group got a flat on his GS on I-40 which we plugged in 10 minutes and were back on the road. Would have been a 2 hour delay if we had to pull rear wheel, change tube and reinstall (with trucks flying by at 80mph!)

    I’m getting old so being able to see a legible dash is important! 14 hours straight on a bike is no Bueno without cruise (yes, I’ve used a throttle stop before; not the same as real cruise!)

    Honda, you’re getting so close to being BACK! Just finish the bike. Oh, and I want a new CRF 450L and a monkey bike! I used to be a Honda guy but have had nothing but Yamahas for 10 years. Seriously, just finish the bike!

  7. It is weird I am reading everyone saying the same as I am thinking…….why no cruise control ? I would buy this bike tomorrow, if it had it. 7000 mile bike ride recently and I am getting rid of my current bike because it doesn’t have it. Damn hard to do long distances without it. Martin

      • Damn, not tubeless tire option as well……..this isn’t an adventure bike……go on a long journey and have a flat in the dark, when it is raining and cold and you twist a bolt and slip and tell me then you are glad to have such a bike……..Honda come on……

  8. What would I possibly need a cruise control for? The fun is on the small twisty roads and on gravel, using cruise control there sounds quite suicidal to me. And while I personally avoid any larger highways as much as I can I do agree: A cruise ctr needs only two more switches and a few lines of program code, so why not implement it? I dont feel it to be essential, however. For those who havent tried: get a palm rest for 10 bucks for your gas grip and you can easily live without cruise ctrl!

    • You are the odd man out. Do you really think that people want cc for the twistys. Try riding from Prince Rupert BC to Virginia with bad wrists. There’s a lot of straight roads between those two points. I don’t think anyone here is asking Honda to take something away, just give the people what they want to meet. Honda you really should be listening.

  9. No cruise control? Not nice but not a complete turn off since a cheap throttle lock will kind’a solve that but no tubeless tires? Even V-Stroms have tubeless tires! THAT to me is a deal breaker.

  10. I own a 2017 Africa Twin DCT in the original style tri-color scheme. For everyone bailing on it because of the lack of cruise control. I will say I rode from Kansas to California in a 3 week solo journey, I had zero issues with maintaining a stable constant speed. literally all I had to do was find the “sweet spot” of how much pressure it takes to hold the throttle. Turns out just resting your hands alone on the grips is more or less enough pressure,I’ve come to find anyways. So get on one and test ride it, you’ll be surprised. I’ve put 8k miles on mine in the last 3 months and it’s performed flawlessly.. Plus it’s $5-9k cheaper than a ktm or BMW.

  11. Cruise control… get a Ford….I miss tubeless tire option for the AT. I currently own 6 bikes and the AT is the only one with tubed tires. I will convert it next month with 3M’s 4412N tape and some beautifully Chinese made valve stems ($6 from it). Cruise control I have on my Caponord 1200 ..did 2800 mi in 5 days never needed cruise control (ok I am just 60…).
    Haan in the Netherland, Alpina in Italy and Rally Raid in England make wire spoked wheel sets for tubeless tires. Cost is about $2k with tires and Haan and Rally Raid make 17/19″ wheels also.. thinking about it..

  12. Again no tubless. Stubborn morons..

    .I believe that Honda received thousands of requests (including mine) to have tubless rims at least as an option. I really want a new Africa Twin (I have an old one as well) but I rode long enough during my 35 plus years on a bike and on any kind of terrains/countries to know better,

    No tubless no deal.

    What a shame really.