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ADV BikesRoyal Enfield’s New ADV Bike Launch Ends With Rough Landing

Royal Enfield’s New ADV Bike Launch Ends With Rough Landing

 The new Royal Enfield Himalayan gets revealed in a memorable intro video.

Published on 01.22.2016

Royal Enfield’s aren’t known for their technological advancements but with the release of their first ever Adventure Touring bike called the Himalayan, the India-based company seemed ready to start a new chapter in their long history.

According to our sources at Royal Enfield, they have global aspirations for the new ADV Bike and it’s even expected to be coming to the USA in the near future. After months of speculation, spy shots and teasers, Royal Enfield finally unveiled their newly developed machine in a preview video.

With its 21″ front wheel, high ground clearance, and long-travel suspension, its much more capable of trekking across the Himalayas than any other Royal Enfield before it. It also features modern equipment (for Royal Enfield) like a single overhead cam, single rear shock and oil cooler that catapults the technology of the brand out of the 40s and straight into the 80s. It’s a true adventure bike designed for demanding roads, yet it manages to hold on to the brand’s signature classic styling.

Royal Enfield Himalayan off-road

And there is more to be excited about, like a 6,200 mile (10,000 km) service interval and simple 25 horsepower motor that doesn’t mind if you fill the 4.96 gallon (15 liter) tank with low-grade fuel. Also intriguing is the innovative front fender design — low in back to allow more airflow to the engine and high in front to prevent mud from locking up the wheel. There are also front tank racks included, that allow you to strap on jerry cans for extend mileage in remote regions.

Royal Enfield The Himalayan- motorcycle

The video shows the single-cylinder 410cc Himalayan being ridden off-road by India’s first and only Dakar Rally finisher, CS Santosh. Santosh also takes the new ADV Bike to the track and demonstrates its ability to fly off the jumps. The video concludes with CS discussing how he’s helped Royal Enfield develop the off-road capabilities of the bike and he states, “I hope we come up with a good motorcycle.”

It’s all inspiring stuff from the historic Indian brand until the final scene where Santosh goes for his biggest jump yet. The slow-mo landing at minute 1:51 shows the suspension bottoming out completely and the right footpeg breaking off.

Royal Enfield Himalayan footpeg broken
You can see CS Santosh’s foot come off and the broken footpeg rolling in the dirt as he passes by the camera.

Was this Royal Enfield’s way of showing us how hard they are pushing the development of the bike? Hopefully, this video clip was taken during prototype testing and CS has worked out all the kinks before final production.

There is a wide open market for a small displacement, unintimidating and simple to repair Adventure Bike like the Himalayan — a bike that gives you a visceral connection to the road and your environment. We wish Royal Enfield the best of luck in their endeavors to bring the Himalayan to market.

Here’s another video with more information about the development of the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

To learn more about the new Himalayan Adventure Bike, check out the Royal Enfield website.

Author: Rob Dabney

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