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ADV BikesTop 10 All-Time Fastest Adventure Motorcycles

Top 10 All-Time Fastest Adventure Motorcycles

 Every year Adventure Bikes keep getting faster, but which are the fastest?

Published on 04.03.2014
Best Adventure Bikes for New Adventure Riders

Dual Sport motorcycles originated from the need to link up trails on dirt bikes. These early bikes had just enough comfort and legality to ride on pavement for short periods of time. As Dual Sport motorcycles evolved into Adventure Bikes, they added more comfort and power for highway travel. Over the years, each new batch of Adventure Motorcycles offered more versatility and better performance.

There is so much diversity in the market now, that it’s becoming hard to define what an Adventure Bike really is. Many of the street focused Adventure Bikes are just tall, comfortable sport touring machines. These asphalt adventurers are focused on outright street performance and have just enough clearance to travel on smooth dirt roads. But there are still a handful of Adventure Motorcycles that perform astonishingly well on both street and dirt.

Some may have different opinions about what a “True” Adventure motorcycle really is, but we can all appreciate a fast motorcycle. More power is usually a good thing, especially with improvements in traction control that can help save us from our own enthusiasm.

We have compiled this list from bikes classified as “Adventure Motorcycles” by the industry. This list of Fastest Adventure Motorcycles contains both current and past models, so you’ll definitely find a few surprises. The list is ordered by quarter-mile times (slowest to fastest) counting down to the Fastest Adventure Motorcycle of All-Time.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 All-Time Fastest Adventure Motorcycles

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  2. Adventure bikes are becoming faster because there is a market for it. While some riders might mainly stick to off-road riding, others will also appreciate the power of their ADV bike on asphalt ribbons. Either way, it’s an interesting article.

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  4. If it doesnt have a 19 or 21 inch front wheel, its not an adventure bike. Bikes with sport bike alloy wheels and no ability to run knobby tires are sport tourers, not dual sports. We need to stop validating things like the multistrada, bmw’s new abortion, and others by lumping them in the adv category. Adding suspension travel, fairing and a skid plate to super nakeds just encourages poseur-ism.

    • Funny, I’ve seen a Ducati Multistrada with knobbys doing Death Valley N.P. It was at a ADVrider rally and the reports were that it did fairly well in the sand and rocky roads there.
      So, I do think the Ducatis can be compared to the other huge Adv. bikes. After all we’re not comparing real off-road Adv. bikes like the 690R.

  5. Thing is, I don’t count some of them as ADV bikes because their ability to go offroad is virtually nonexistent. The Multistrada comes to mind. But whatever. Cool list! I really want that 1190 Adventure. 🙂

  6. I feel sorry for you guys in the states, in Australia we get pretty much all bikes from all manufacturers, ( I suppose they won’t you to buy harleys,)

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  10. If the 2014 Vstrom’s chassis is that much better than the previous generation model, why is the motor still restricted? Suzuki missed the boat with this one. No one expects GSXR power out of it but come on Suzuki !!! If the bike is more road biased than off road, give it a little more power. The slightly Increased midrange is nice but a slightly higher to end would be welcomed as well.

  11. When was this article published? 1825? Have you ever heard of a Honda Crosstourer?. O, I am sorry, it will only be available on your planet in the year 2525.

    • Unfortunately, there was no reliable source of acceleration times for the Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer at the time of publishing this article. We do know that it is electronically limited to 130mph. Although, with a wet weight of 606 lbs (non-DCT version), the bike is heavier than any other bike on the list. The bike weighs 81 lbs more than the R1200GS but has similar hp numbers. With that much weight, we’d expect the Crosstourer to come in around 9th or 10th place if it makes the list at all.

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  14. Probably one of the dumbest comparisons I’ve ever seen. How about giving Shane Watts each of these bikes to ride on a realistic off road course and see how each one does? That’s the sort of thing I read Adv Pulse for.

  15. The “adventure” name comes from the feeling you get when you are coming in to a loose gravel corner too hot and you know it when you get spat off and then 300+kg of bike and luggage lands on you. When you have put your knee back in, change your jocks and try to lift the bike up again that the mood swings back to home. Watch Charlie Boorman DAKAR assault. Same thing happened but he had to ride for 300km at night in the desert with two broken hands.

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