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ADV NewsEwan and Charley’s Long-Awaited ‘Long Way Up’ Set for 2019?

Ewan and Charley’s Long-Awaited ‘Long Way Up’ Set for 2019?

 Long-Awaited 'Long Way Up' TV series planned for the Americas.

Published on 08.23.2018

For many the “Long Way Down” and “Long Way Round” series, following Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on their round-the-world adventure tours, are the reason they started riding Adventure Motorcycles. Now after more than a decade since their last documentary series, the pair are planning a new expedition that will see them chasing their shadows through the Americas.

“We are very much in the early planning stages at the moment,” Boorman told MCN in a recent interview. “I’m scared to say too much in case I jinx it, but hopefully it is going to happen.”

The new TV series is set to be called ‘Long Way Up’ and according to Charley, they’ll be getting the old team back together with producer Russ Malkin and the rest of Long Way Round/Down film crew. The route hasn’t been locked-in yet but the journey will most likely start in the southernmost part of South America (Ushuaia, Argentina) and continue all the way up to the northernmost point of Alaska. An expedition that would cover about 15,000 miles and last several months.


Long way Up Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor Adventure Motorcycle

“It will definitely take a few months, South America is a beautiful continent to ride through so we won’t want to rush it,” said Boorman. “It will be work, but it will also be great fun and to do it with the old team of Ewan, Russ Malkin (the producer of the first two adventures), and the rest of the Long Way crew will be fantastic.”

The big question is what motorcycles would they take this time. Ewan and Charley used the BMW R1150GS Adventure for the “Long Way Round” and the R12000GS Adventure for the “Long Way Down”. However, Charley is currently brand ambassador for Triumph and Ewan for Moto Guzzi. With BMW set to reveal the new R1250GS for 2019, the white and blue marquee could potentially be their weapon of choice.

“We are all dead keen to make it happen so fingers crossed we will be able to do it in 2019. I honestly can’t wait.”

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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26 thoughts on “Ewan and Charley’s Long-Awaited ‘Long Way Up’ Set for 2019?

  1. Okay, so Charlie should ride a Tiger and Ewan should ride a Moto Guzzi… not familiar with their adv bikes at the moment and not going to go look them up either. 🙂

  2. Why would they want Beemers, the Chinese bike they bought in long way round outperformed the BMW’s by miles and at 1 20th of the price ($600?)

  3. You should hold a global prize drawing and have one rider join them. And that rider should me me! Can’t wait for this series. Hope Colorado makes the cut for routes as well.

  4. I’d like to see them ride something different in the mid-ADV range. Go light, and have fun maybe even some soft luggage to keep the weight down. Camping really wouldn’t be required. I understand that rooms are pretty cheap

  5. One things for sure……no manufacturer is going to turn them down. Whatever they want they’ll get……in fact I’d bet they’re going to get cash to do it. BMW needs this to rekindle the XL Adventure love and KTM is ready to stop torturing that sack that turned them down the last time! LOL

    I’m looking forward to a good show regardless, it’s the journey after all, not the destination. I think two different makes would be cool but originality and uniqueness is what stood out. Good luck boys, I wish you well and a great journey ahead!

  6. Excellent News , would be such an adventure to be with you guys, ho well ill just enjoy your experience when you have done , enjoy ,be safe

  7. Don’t know why they use such huge bikes when they are off road so much. Adventure bikes kinda suck off road. Too heavy. Could be on some like like a DR650 that ways 340 pounds (150 kilos) instead of a bike that is hard to pick up or get through mud, rough terrain etc. Loved watching the show and them struggle tho.

  8. First and foremost, I am VERY much looking forward to the result.

    If I could put a shout out to the community to give them a rallye point (mid Rockies, Beartooth pass, Santa Monica Mountains, whatever) and the collective bike community come together for a Sturgis on Steroids (or is Sturgis already on ‘roids?) “Welcome E&C to USA bikers etal (yes get OC Choppers and Malcolm Smith to join in).

    Under subjects to cover in the next chapter is get some more detail into the equipment.
    In the first series they were admitted newbies, but now they have done it, they should be able to steer the discussion and equipment selection.
    Back when they did LWR, helmet to Helmet was stuff of NASA and F1 teams, now SENA can connect 30 riders at once.
    GoPro wasnt available.
    It would be interesting to learn what someone like Russ or Claudio have to say about capturing the ride and equipment and techniques.

    I read somewhere that Charley had become associated with an ADV tour group in Washington state, if true I wonder if they will be advising on the trip.

    Having some YouTube videos about “behind the scenes” stuff, route planning, paper work tricks (if there is such a thing), hell how do you get a reliable fuel and water supply?

    Go GUYS GO!
    Will be watching for updates for sure.

    • My thoughts exactly. I loved both “Around” and “Down”, but she definitely took away from down. It’s about buddies bonding, hard to do with an attention grabbing wife around.

  9. The BWW F800 GS gets very little attention. Unless your 225# it’s the best midsize ADV bike that truely does well in the dirt , the NEVADA desert I’m talking.