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ADV PreppingRawHyde Adventures Announces “Ladies-Only” Training Class

RawHyde Adventures Announces “Ladies-Only” Training Class

 Gain skills and confidence off-road in a "macho-free" training environment.

Published on 12.06.2015

RawHyde Adventures, which operates two BMW Off-Road Riding Academies in California and Colorado, has announced a ladies-only Intro to Adventure training class. The class is designed for women new to riding off-road or those with some off-road experience who wish to further their skills and gain confidence on larger adventure bikes such as the BMW R1200GS.

“Most RawHyde classes are co-ed and heavily male-dominated”, explains Jenny Smith, RawHyde’s Marketing Director. “But with more women becoming involved in motorcycling and adventure riding specifically, we’ve been getting a lot of requests from ladies who would enjoy the training experience, but who might either be a little intimidated by the guys, or who maybe just want a fun weekend of ‘just the girls’!”

Rawhyde adventures ladies intro off road training
The new ladies-only off-road training class offers the camaraderie that comes from sharing the experience with a group of like-minded women who love to ride!

Participants can either bring their own bike or rent one of RawHyde’s fleet of BMW GS models ranging from 650cc to 1200cc. Training is progressive and covers skills such as:


• Body positioning
• Clutch, brake, and throttle control
• Counterbalancing and weight shifting
• Balance techniques
• Front and rear wheel skids
• Hill climbs and descents
• Sand and gravel
• Recovering from a stall on a hill
• Turning the bike around on a hill

In addition, participants will learn about the tools and equipment used in adventure riding and receive training in trailside repairs to improve their self-reliance out in the field. Same curriculum, same bikes, same authentic experience as the co-ed Intro to Adventure class, with comfortable accommodations, chef-prepared meals and drinks included.

The Ladies-Only Intro to Adventure class will take place November 4-6, 2016. For more information go to the RawHyde Adventures website or call 661-993-9942.

Author: Rob Dabney

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3 thoughts on “RawHyde Adventures Announces “Ladies-Only” Training Class

  1. It’s nice to see another company offering female-only classes for the ladies who don’t want to do it with the guys. PSSOR (Puget Sound Safety Off-Road) offers a similar class.

  2. Nice to see women focused training offered. Colorado’s, founded by a former women’s pro motocross racer, focuses exclusively on training for women by women. They truly understand that women are physiologically and psychologically different and the curriculum reflects specialized methods. Rather than teaching women to ride “like men”, they teach women to ride with skill and confidence the ADVWoman way! Their unique approach emphasizes empowering women in all aspects of their lives! Cindy

  3. We are happy to see the development of adventure pulse. The introduction of articles and pictures for women riders is especially cool. Sharing with our friends! Go advPulse!