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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesNew SW-Motech Seat-Rack Extends Your Luggage Rack

New SW-Motech Seat-Rack Extends Your Luggage Rack

 Easily create more surface area for securely strapping items to your bike.

Published on 04.11.2014
It's easy to increase your luggage rack surface area with the SW-Motech Seat-Rack.

Loading your Adventure Bike for a trip is always a challenge. There are ten different ways to strap gear on your luggage rack and it always seems to be overloaded and unstable. A few hours into the ride you inevitably realize that some piece of luggage is falling off or sliding around loosely on your rear seat. This is even more of a problem if you ride off-road. If your camping gear falls off while you are riding, it can be hundreds of dollars to replace. Or if it gets stuck in your rear wheel, it can become a major hazard.

If you aren’t riding two-up, the new SW-Motech Seat-Rack is an easy way to increase your luggage rack surface area. Just replace the original passenger seat with the SW-Motech Seat-Rack and you’ll practically double your bikes available space for strapping on gear. Rack mounting slots make it easy to strap down items tightly with cambuckle straps and you don’t have to worry about scratching your bike’s paint.

To install the SW-Motech Seat-Rack, just remove your passenger seat and click the the rack into place. The rack uses the same locking mechanism as the passenger seat, so it’s secure from theft and you can quickly pop it off when you need to. The high-quality rack is made from sturdy 4 millimeter thick black powder-coated aluminium and the underside rack uses a rubber seal to keep dirt and water from entering your bike.


SW-Motech is now offering the rack for both the KTM 1190 Adventure and the BMW R1200GS (2013 and newer). More applications will be available soon.

Author: Rob Dabney

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