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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesProduct Spotlight: Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs

Product Spotlight: Lockstraps Locking Tie-Downs

 Locking carabiners and a steel cable inside the strap keeps your bike secure.

Published on 04.10.2014
Keep your bike and gear secure with these multi-purpose locking tie-down straps.

Lockstraps are lockable tie-downs that have a steel cable running through the inside. They allow you to secure your bike with tie-downs without having to use additional locks or chains. Lockstraps use a combination lock built into sturdy carabiner attachments so you don’t need to carry around extra keys. The Lockstraps are a convenient way to secure your bike while it’s being transported and the locking ends ensure your straps won’t pop off like typical “S” hook tie-downs.

Lockstraps can also be used when you are out on the road. Use them to lock up your helmet and jacket while you make a stop in a restaurant or lock several bikes together at night. You can even use them as a strong tow strap when a bike becomes disabled.


Lockstraps are not the strongest lock you can buy, but they can only be cut with heavy-duty tools. They are resilient enough to deter most thieves. Their high-quality industrial-strength construction have a max load of 1,200 pounds each, so you’ll feel confident they won’t snap when transporting or towing a heavy Adventure Bike.

We like the multi-purpose nature of the Lockstraps. They allow you to consolidate the number of items you carry and provide peace of mind with their added security and strength.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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