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ADV ProductsADV ToolsThis Valve Stem Fishing Tool Makes Flat Repairs Easier

This Valve Stem Fishing Tool Makes Flat Repairs Easier

 Pull your inner tube valve stem through the hole in your rim in seconds.

Published on 05.23.2014
Valve Stem Fishing Tool
Save your fingers from the pain of trying to push the valve stem through the rim hole.

One of the worst parts about fixing a flat tire when you use inner tubes is fishing the new valve stem through the hole in the rim. With extra stiff sidewalls on off-road tires, it can take a lot of time and effort to push the valve stem through the hole. If you have big hands, it can be impossible to get it through sometimes.

Getting the valve stem successfully through the hole can also tear up your fingers, especially in cold weather. You can avoid this torture and make inner tube changes less annoying forever if you have a valve stem fishing tool to “Pull” the valve stem through the hole.

The concept is fairly straightforward. First use the built-in valve stem removal tool to unscrew and remove the inner part of the inner tube valve stem. Next push the tip of the Valve Stem Fishing tool through your rim hole from the opposite direction, then screw the threaded tip into the inner tube valve stem firmly. Now all you have to do is pull the valve stem back through the hole.

The Lang Tools Valve Stem fishing tool is a simple and inexpensive tool that can save you a lot of time and headaches on the trail. It also has a small handle that will make it light and compact for storage in your tool roll.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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