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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesFasst Co. Launches New Vibration Damping Adventure Footpegs

Fasst Co. Launches New Vibration Damping Adventure Footpegs

 Decrease vibration and dampen impacts while increasing control on the pegs.

Published on 12.22.2016
The new Adventure Footpegs from Fasst Company offer the grip of a serrated off-road platform peg and the vibration-free ride of a stock rubber-covered peg.

Take a look at just about any stock adventure bike and you’ll see a set of rubber-covered footpegs. The rubber covers help reduce vibration and provide a smoother ride on the highway, but it makes them slippery off-road, especially in wet conditions.

Some factory footpegs allow you to take off the rubber covers to reveal a serrated surface with better off-road grip. However once you remove the covers, you can feel the energy-sapping buzz of the engine through your feet and legs. Putting the rubber covers back on once you reach the highway is an option, but who’s got time for that?

Fasst Company, the maker of Flexx Handlebars, has a clever new footpeg design for adventure bikes that gives you the performance of an off-road platform-style footpeg with the smoothness of a rubber-covered peg. The Impact Adventure Footpegs, accomplish this by adding a thick layer of elastomer underneath the off-road-friendly metal cleat your foot sits on. Therefore, your foot stays isolated from any metal-to-metal contact and vibration and sharp impacts are dampened.


Impact Adventure Footpegs have a much wider platform than a stock footpeg as well, giving you the extra leverage you need to steer a large adventure bike with your feet off-road. A total of 13 screw-in inserts keep feet firmly mounted on the pegs in rough conditions and you can tune the amount of grip by using either tall (more grip) or low (less grip) inserts, or a combination of the two.

adventure footpegs with tuneable traction
The Impact Adventure Footpegs let you tune the amount of traction they provide with the use of different-height cleat inserts.

Both the cleat and base of the Impact Adventure Footpegs are made of incredibly strong 7075 T6 aluminum to ensure they hold up to rigorous off-road use. The base is shot peened and anodized, while the cleat is hard anodized for optimal wear resistance. Elastomers come in four different colors (orange, white, red, blue), so you can choose one that matches your bike.

Currently, the Impact Adventure Footpegs are only available for KTM adventure bikes, but Fasst Company will be offering them for BMW, Triumph, Honda and Yamaha adventure bikes shortly. MSRP is $259.99. For more information on the Impact Adventure Footpegs, go to the Fasst Company website.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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One thought on “Fasst Co. Launches New Vibration Damping Adventure Footpegs

  1. I have these Adventure pegs on my KTM 1190r. They are awesome pegs. Great platform to stand on, excellent grip. Definitely gives me some confidence in my foot being planted on them when the terrain gets rough.