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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesGet Noticed By Other Motorists With a SoundBomb

Get Noticed By Other Motorists With a SoundBomb

 This little air-horn for your motorcycle is as loud as a truck horn.

Published on 06.05.2014
The Denali SoundBomb Air Horn can get you noticed when motorists fail to see you.

It’s a mystery why they put such wimpy little horns on motorcycles. Motorcycles are the ones on the road that need to get noticed the most.

A louder horn can help you get attention when drivers fail to see you. You’ll also command more respect when you upgrade your pipsqueak stock horn. The Denali SoundBomb Dual-Tone Air Horn is 8x louder than your standard motorcycle horn. At 120 decibels it’s as loud as a truck horn!

The horn is also small, so it doesn’t detract from the look of your bike and its rugged design makes it virtually indestructible.


Mounting the horn to your bike is simple and you can use it with your original horn switch. There are mounting brackets and plug-n-play wiring harnesses available for many popular Adventure Bikes, or you can use the universal DIY kit.

The Denali SoundBomb is an easy way to improve your safety. Next time a driver looks like they are about to turn left in front of you, you can hit them with the SoundBomb! Just go easy on the elderly ladies.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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