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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesGiant Loop Introduces New Dry Pods With Air Release Valves

Giant Loop Introduces New Dry Pods With Air Release Valves

 Versatile inner liners that add waterproof organization to nearly any soft bags.

Published on 09.01.2016

Giant Loop has introduced a set of new Saddlebag Dry Pods — waterproof inner liner bags that now feature air purge valves to help compress gear and make sealing even easier. Dry Pods are constructed of high visibility yellow TPU with RF welded seams and roll-top closures to help ensure your gear stays completely dry and organized. The convenient Dry Pods also allow riders to simply leave their luggage mounted to the bike and carry gear to a campsite or hotel room using the removable bags.

The new Saddlebag Dry Pods are designed specifically to fit the interior spaces of the company’s Great Basin Saddlebag and Coyote Saddlebag. Saddlebag Dry Pods are now included in the purchase of either the Great Basin Saddlebag or Coyote Saddlebag.

Giant Loop Saddlebag Dry Pods


The new Saddlebag Dry Pods with air release valves can also be purchased separately for use in other luggage systems or as an upgrade for any previous versions of Giant Loop’s pioneering horseshoe-shaped motorcycle saddlebag designs. They come as a set of three bags and with their roll-closure design, they are versatile enough to be used for waterproof organization and storage of your gear in many different types of luggage systems such as panniers, saddlebags, duffels, dry bags and backpacks.

Tip: At the end of the day, stop by the local market and fill one of the Giant Loop Saddlebag Dry Pod bags with ice and your favorite beverages (cans work the best). You’ll have a cold one ready by the time you reach your destination for the evening.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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