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ADV ProductsGrilliput – This Lightweight Camping Grill Fits in a Tube

Grilliput – This Lightweight Camping Grill Fits in a Tube

 Now you can enjoy true BBQ flavor while camping with this portable grill.

Published on 05.02.2014
Assemble the Grilliput and place it on top of a wood fire for an instant BBQ.

After a long day of riding, you can get so hungry that even those dehydrated instant cook meals can taste pretty good. Imagine how good delicious grilled steaks would taste if you had a grill to cook them on. Carrying a grill in your luggage can be a hassle though, due to the extra weight and bulk. Grills can be pretty messy to deal with as well.

We recently came across this portable camping grill called the Grilliput. It’s a stainless steel grill that packs down into a small 1″ x 11.5″ tube, making it easy to store away in your luggage. It weighs just 1.2 pounds, so you will barely notice it’s there. All of its components fit neatly inside the tube and it has a built in cleaning groove you can use to quickly clean the soot off the grilling rods.

Assembly takes a few minutes, but it’s fairly straight forward. Just unpack the content of the tube, fit the grilling rods together and screw on the legs. Place the Grilliput over a flame source and you have enough surface area to grill a few decent sized steaks. It’s great for grilling chicken, fish or sausages too. After you are done, just do a quick clean up and repack the parts back into the tube for easy storage.


The Grilliput is the perfect cooking system for minimalist lightweight packers. When you use the Grilliput with a wood fire, you don’t need to transport any additional fuel source. It may not be the best primary cooking system, but it’s nice to have something like this handy when the opportunity to grill some fresh meat appears. Or keep it as a backup in case you run out of fuel for your primary stove.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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