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ADV ProductsMoto GadgetsScala Rider G9x Motorcycle Intercom System Review

Scala Rider G9x Motorcycle Intercom System Review

 Cardo's best helmet intercom system now offers enhanced audio features.

Published on 03.19.2014
The new Scala Rider G9x now has the ability to plug in earbud headphones and share music with a passenger.

It can be a challenge keeping everyone together when riding in groups. You may be unaware when someone falls behind and needs your help, or you could be delayed for hours when a group member becomes lost. Trying to communicate through hand signals can be confusing and easily misinterpreted. A good motorcycle intercom headset makes these types of problems a thing of the past.

The Cardo Scala Rider G9x lets you connect with up to 8 other riders and talk just like you were in a telephone conference call. Push a button to get connected and everyone can talk freely while you ride. This allows you to warn friends of hazards in the road or give directions on where to turn, even to riders that have fallen out of sight. The G9x allows you to stay connected to the group with up to 1 mile range (1.6 km) and works great for on-road or off-road riding. Range will decrease in hilly areas but an audio warning will let you know when someone gets disconnected.

The G9x works well with a passenger too. You’ll be able to have discussions about interesting sites you pass by or communicate the need for a stop. If you or your passenger want to disconnect, you can listen to music through a Bluetooth connected Smartphone, MP3 player or built-in FM Radio. Your music will go to mute temporarily when you enter a call or intercom conversation. Audio volume automatically adjusts to wind noise and a new feature allows you to share your music with your passenger so you can both be riding to the same theme song.


One common criticism given to the predecessor of the G9x was that it would not allow you to detach the helmet speakers and use earbud headphones. Earbud headphones give clearer sound for listening to music and conversations. Cardo Systems has addressed this by allowing you to use plug-in earbud headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack, instead of the included speakers.

The G9x also allows you to answer or make telephone calls completely hands free using voice commands. Hot-dial numbers can be setup to make starting a phone call easy. The ability to get audio turn-by-turn directions through your Bluetooth connected Smartphone or GPS device is also very useful. This allows you to safely navigate without looking down at a tiny screen.The Scala Rider G9x is very durable as well with a IP-67 water and dust proof rating. Once fully charged, you get 13 hours of talk time and recharging takes just 3 hours.

Getting The Scala Rider G9x Set Up
Set up is fairly straight forward with the Scala Rider G9x. Just remove the helmet liner to mount the speakers and microphone. Usually, this can be completed in about 15 minutes. The system uses a detachable electronics component that you can remove for charging or when you leave your helmet locked to the bike. Connecting the G9x to your smartphone or GPS using Bluetooh allows you to make phone calls, listen to music or get audio turn-by-turn directions.

Scala Rider G9x Diagram

You can connect your G9x to other Scala Rider headsets by putting them in Bluetooth pairing mode when within a few feet from each other or use the Flash-Pairing feature and simply tough the devices together. Each device is paired to two other devices to create a chain of up to 9 riders total (including yourself).

Operating The Scala Rider G9x
To operate the Scala Rider G9x device, you will need to memorize the position of the buttons on the device and learn the button press sequences. This should become natural after a few rides, but you can also choose to use voice commands instead for hands free operation.

The only problem we’ve had with voice commands is when you cough or yell loudly it can inadvertently turn on the radio. Voice commands can be disabled if you like. The buttons are large and easy to find with gloves, so we prefer to use buttons over the voice-commands most of the time.

Overall, the Scala Rider G9x works great for communicating with friends or a passenger. The noise cancelling microphone works so well that some callers never guessed we were riding down the highway at full speed. The G9x is backwards compatible with other Scala Rider devices (also compatible with Schuberth’s SRC-System). You can buy a single Scala Rider G9x device for yourself or get a pair for you and a passenger.

Shopping Options:

Single G9x Device

Chaparral MotorsportsRevzilla

G9x Pair (Powerset)

Chaparral MotorsportsRevzilla

Author: Rob Dabney

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  1. Purchased this after having the Sena 20s fail/break THREE times!! Could tell the quality difference right out of the box (which is also nice might I add). G9x works as it should, extremely happy with the switch 🙂