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ADV ProductsADV AppsNew RideConnected App Eliminates Bluetooth Headset Range Limits

New RideConnected App Eliminates Bluetooth Headset Range Limits

 Chat with fellow riders on your headset without the range limits of Bluetooth.

Published on 11.04.2016
Sena Ride Connected App

Sena will soon launch their new RideConnected smartphone app that allows you to communicate with other riders over your headset intercom, without the range limitations of Bluetooth technology. The RideConnected App uses your mobile data network to connect up to 16 riders at once, anywhere in the world. As long as you are connected to a mobile network, you can maintain communication with fellow riders no matter if they are a few miles away or across the globe.

It’s not uncomSena RideConnected Appmon to run into situations on the road where Bluetooth range just isn’t enough. We expect this app will come in handy when trying to meet up with riding buddies who are coming from different starting points, or when your group gets separated on the highway or in an unfamiliar town.

Sena’s RideConnected app is compatible with all Sena devices and lets you setup your own profile, create private groups and invite your friends, all through the app. No fussing with Bluetooth pairing devices! And you communicate over your headsets just like you normally do with standard Bluetooth. The app has an easy to use interface and even works hands-free with voice prompts.


• Communicate Over Mobile Network or Wi-Fi
• Invite Friends Via SMS Message or GPS
• Hands-Free Operation Through Voice Prompts
• Setup Your Own Profile
• Create Private Groups

The Sena RideConnected App will be available for ‘free’ for both iPhone and Android, and is expected to launch later this month. For more information on the app, visit the Sena website.

Author: Rob Dabney

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5 thoughts on “New RideConnected App Eliminates Bluetooth Headset Range Limits

    • Hey PBrad. Sena says all Bluetooth 4.1 headsets are fully compatible, while limited button operations may apply to Bluetooth 3.0 headsets like the SMH10.

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  3. Ok I’m wondering why this App is any better than just making a call on the cell phone to find out where they are. at least you wouldn’t waste any data and most calls are already included in the phone plans. Can this app also read text messages like most cars do now?

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