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Simulate Your Riding Ergos On Nearly Any Adventure Bike

 Check your riding posture in the standing, seated or feet down positions.

Published on 06.02.2014
Check your ergos for standing, seated and feet down positions on nearly any Adventure Motorcycle.

Adventure Motorcycles are designed to fit a wide range of body types, but riders that are taller or shorter than average may not fit comfortably on every ADV Bike. Taller riders can feel cramped and shorter riders may struggle to put their feet on the ground. Riders that suffer from back pain need to choose a bike with a seating position and handlebar reach in their comfort zone.

Testing riding ergos on different bikes at dealerships can be time consuming. It’s also difficult to tell if an aftermarket part will give you the desired improvement until after it’s installed.

A website Application called Cycle-Ergo helps save you time in the real world by allowing you to quickly simulate your riding ergos in the virtual world. The application is free and it allows you to check your riding ergos from a seated, standing or feet down position, so you can identify any potential problems in your riding posture.

Average height person on KTM 640 Adventure

As seen here in this simulation, a rider 5’9″ tall with a 30″ inseam is unable to put both feet on the ground on a KTM 640 Adventure.


Just select a motorcycle and enter your height and inseam (distance from your crotch to the bottom of your ankle) and the simulator will show your body position on the bike. From there you can make adjustments to the handlebar and peg height to simulate bar risers and lowered footpegs.

Seat height can be raised or lowered with the “Seat Rise” adjustment to simulate a low or tall aftermarket seat. You can also adjust the “Seat Rise” and “Arm Straightness” to simulate a standing off-road riding position, or select the “Put Feet On Ground” option to see if you can comfortably touch the ground.

BMW R1200GS Adventure Ergos ergos

See if your standing position ergos will be improved by lowering the pegs and raising the bars.

We like that there are so many Adventure Bikes available to test using the Cycle-Ergo App, including more obscure bikes like the Yamaha Ténéré 250 and TDR 250.

The App has other unique features, like the ability to see how a passenger will fit on the back. You can also compare different bikes and toggle back and forth between them to check differences in body position.

You can easily spend hours playing with this tool simulating your riding ergos on different bikes and with different aftermarket parts. Curious what Shaquille O’neal would look like on a Kawasaki Super Sherpa? Plug in 7’1″ height and a 49″ inseam. Or check how Dani Pedrosa would look on a KTM 990 Adventure R at 5’2″ tall and an estimated 28″ inseam.

Keep in mind that it’s still a simulation and results in the real world may vary. The ground reach simulation can be affected by thickness of the rider’s thighs, the exact shape of the seat, and the amount of suspension compression when the rider sits on the seat. However, it is still a useful tool for getting a general idea of how your body will meld with different Adventure Bikes and different aftermarket options.

You can use the free Cycle-Ergo App by going to the website.

Author: Rob Dabney

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4 thoughts on “Simulate Your Riding Ergos On Nearly Any Adventure Bike

  1. I use cycle-ergo whenever I see a ride that interests me, even before I go to the dealer. I use my V-Strom as a bench mark as the Strom fits me. If the one new to me is not close, I don’t bother to visit the dealer. I refuse to spend $$$ trying to make it fit.

    • You can simulate a ‘standing on pegs’ position by increasing the ‘seat rise’ (found in the ‘vehicle customization’ box).