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ADV ProductsSlickDrip – A Lightweight Collapsible Camp Coffee Maker

SlickDrip – A Lightweight Collapsible Camp Coffee Maker

 Make a delicious brew in the morning with this ultralight coffee maker.

Published on 05.09.2014
The SlickDrip's silicone material does not absorb odors or pass a chemical taste to your brew.

True coffee lovers need to have their brew, even when they are camping. But transporting the equipment and materials for a good cup o’ joe can be a bit tricky on a motorcycle.

The Cuissential SlickDrip is a lightweight collapsible coffee dripper that allows you to brew delicious top-grade coffee when you are out camping, without relying on a bulky coffee maker. Unlike plastic coffee drippers, silicone does not absorb odors or pass on chemical taste to your brew. The SlickDrip makes a clean tasting coffee with no grind residue like you get with a French press.

The unique collapsible design makes it extremely portable and saves a lot of space in your pack. The SlickDrip’s flexible silicone material is also durable, so it will hold up much better in your pack than a hard plastic coffee dripper. Just set up the SlickDrip with a paper filter, then add ground coffee and hot water, and you’ll have a great tasting brew in minutes. The product is also pretty efficient for making several cups of coffee quickly for your appreciative companions.


The SlickDrip cleans up easy as well. Just rinse it, collapse it down into a disc and store the SlickDrip away. For best results use a #4 or #2 coffee filter, which will keep loose grounds out of your mug. 

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Author: Rob Dabney

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