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ADV ProductsTouratech Announces New Modular Helmet with Off-Road Chops

Touratech Announces New Modular Helmet with Off-Road Chops

 The AVENTURO Mod combines a flip-up chin bar with an adjustable peak.

Published on 10.15.2015
All the comfort and convenience of a flip-up helmet with an adjustable peak, drop-down sun shield and increased ventilation for off-road rides.

Touratech introduced an exciting new dual sport helmet today at AIMExpo. The ‘AVENTURO Mod’ is a flip-up modular dual sport helmet with aggressive off-road styling that offers a new level of versatility, comfort, and off-road capabilities.

A joint effort between Touratech and legendary helmet manufacturer Schuberth, has created the AVENTURO Mod which combines the comfort and convenience of a flip-up chin bar with an adjustable peak and increased ventilation for off-road adventures. The peak rotates back when the chin bar is up and then precisely rebounds to the riders chosen position when the chin bar is closed. It’s German engineering at its finest.

Aventuro Mod modular helmet
With the chin bar flipped down, the AVENTURO Mod disguises its modular design well.

Riders will see the road with clarity through ‘Class 1’ optics provided with the anti-fog shield which can be propped open at 1”, 2.5” and 4” settings to boost airflow in stop & go traffic or challenging terrain. Adventurers will enjoy riding off into the sunset even more with the integrated sun shield that flips down with the flick of a finger.


Aventuro Mod modular helmet

“This will be the most versatile touring helmet on the market.”
– Tilo Jentzsch, Head of Product Management, Touratech AG

With the launch of the Aventuro Carbon in early 2015, Touratech raised the bar for adventure motorcycle helmets. The AVENTURO Mod builds on that success with an eye toward increased touring comfort and flip-up convenience, while retaining off-road features and aggressive Touratech-styling.

The Mod has a goggle-strap holder for those awesome days in the dirt and is set up for an integrated communication system. The Aventuro Mod also comes standard with Pinlock lens for a fog free windshield. This helmet is ultra-quiet, very comfortable, and available in 7 vibrant color schemes.

Touratech Aventuro Mod peak removed
The Touratech Aventuro Mod helmet shown here with its peak removed reveals large top vents.

The Touratech AVENTURO Mod is available for pre-order now, with delivery in spring 2016

Retail price: $829 – $889

Author: Rob Dabney

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9 thoughts on “Touratech Announces New Modular Helmet with Off-Road Chops

  1. Great! Another vastly overpriced helmet for the poser market by the leader in poser products. Now, don’t get me wrong… Touratech makes some very useful and high quality stuff, but normal people can’t afford it.

    And modular helmets are too damn heavy for serious off-road use. Again, only the posers will be using them. Those who can afford an $800 helmet will likely continue using the Arai ADV helmet.

  2. Pingback: Nuevo modular OFF. Touratech y Schuberth

  3. I’m done with cheaper helmets. Ordering the AVENTURO asap. But if they integrate Sena’s noise cancellation feature, I’m all for it.

  4. Pingback: Anonymous

  5. So it’s exactly the same as the Schuberth unit, except that Touratech has slapped a poorly fitted, but more aggressive looking, vent on the front. Super sloppy!

  6. Just completed a 3-week 8000 mile loop around the US with this helmet. Positives: Quite up to around 65-70 MPH above which you are going to want ear plugs for any distance/time. Comfort is decent, though for me personally, I thought the cheek pad squeeze was unnecessarily tight (size L). Visibility with or without sun shield is fantastic. Sun shield is super easy to operate. Pinlock works well, even in constant dense fog and/or rain. Google strap helps. Fit and finish are excellent. Finally, the venting is superior to any other street helmet I’ve used in the past. No over heating problems even in 107 degree desert heat by the hour. Areas for improvement: Both the chin bar and the visor are very difficult to positively engage, often requiring 2 hands. The visor takes a ton of force, yes force, to snap into place. Poor design IMO. Pinlock shield scratched instantly by a simple wipe inside the visor (its that soft of plastic.. though probably not this helmets fault). Top vent is so stiff that you really can’t work it with a single gloved hand. Peak visor (not the clear part) is razor sharp on the back. You must take sand paper to dull it or slice the crap out of your hand when opening/closing helmet off the bike or even just generally handling the helmet. Crazy for this $$ of helmet. Peak visor didn’t seem to add much noise and/or wind resistance at speed. However above 70MPH you probably want to remove it if you’re traveling many miles as it sort of catches the wind and yanks your neck when you turn your head. Again probably not this helmets fault, just a general issue with a top visor on the street v. dirt. Overall, it’s a solid helmet that was comfortable and felt safe. Is it work $900+… possibly when they come out with version 2.