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ADV RidesExtreme Enduro Trails Riding Adventure Bikes

Extreme Enduro Trails Riding Adventure Bikes

 Pushing the limits of a KTM 990 Adventure on double black diamond trails

Published on 09.05.2013
Extreme riding on a KTM 990 Adventure (Courtesy

Most of us get nervous when the trails get tight and rocky our big adventure bikes.  The likelihood of damage increases to our beautiful Adventure Bikes as the trails become more technical.  The skill required to “not fall” when things get steep and slippery, increases as well.

That’s why we were utterly impressed when Kevin Miklossy and Neil Johnston of took their adventure bikes on a ride through rocky, wet single track trails of Canada’s Indian River Forest.  These trails look barely hikeable and only just wide enough to fit a motorcycle.  Anyone crazy enough to take a KTM 990 Adventure down this trail is someone we’d like to meet some day.

In this ride story, two Adventure Riders take a one day tour through the Indian River Forest of British Columbia, Canada. Due to conservation efforts from years earlier, the government erected a tall cement barrier to block access and dissuade unlicensed hunting in the area. Overtime, a foot trail was established by outdoor enthusiasts bypassing the barrier. Eventually, the foot path became wide enough to allow access by motorcycles and a few brave trail riders began to explore this extreme trail.


The two adventure riders pit their adventure bikes against terrain that looks like something out of an extreme enduro course. Kevin shows great skill as he navigates his KTM 990 Adventure Dakar through tight gaps loose rocky slopes. What makes it even more amazing is that he does it with street oriented Pirelli Scorpion tires and a taller than stock aftermarket windscreen.

We love seeing what’s possible on big adventure bikes when navigated by a skilled off-road rider. Check out the story “One Day Expedition: Indian Arm” on

Author: Rob Dabney

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