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ADV RidesADV Riders Set Endurance Record Only Achievable in Ecuador

ADV Riders Set Endurance Record Only Achievable in Ecuador

 Carl Reese and companion set new world endurance record for motorcycles.

Published on 10.26.2016
Carl Reese Endurance Record Breaker in Ecuador

Eight-time endurance driving record holder Carl Reese of California and his companion Sebastián Montero of Ecuador have set a new world endurance record for motorcycles. The pair rode BMW R1200GS adventure bikes from the closest point on Earth to the sun, down to sea-level in a single day. During their endeavor, Reese and Montero had a total gain/loss in elevation of 56,678 feet.

Ecuador is the only place on Earth where Reese and Montero’s world endurance record can be accomplished, as the country is home to Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador. While Chimborazo at 20,548 feet is no the tallest mountain on Earth, its peak is the closest point on the earth to the sun due to its location along the equatorial bulge. Chimborazo is typically off-limits to motorcycles due to the remoteness of the mountain in the case of an emergency, but Minister Serrano granted Reese and his team special access to the natural wonder for his record-breaking attempt.

Reese and Montero's endurance record-breaking route
Reese and Montero’s elevation record-breaking route from Chimborazo to Canoa Beach.

Twelve hours before the planned departure, misfortune set in. Reese became ill and severely dehydrated, prompting the suggestion that Montero ride alongside Reese to keep an eye on his condition while riding in the thin, mountain air. The two became fast friends as they maneuvered their motorcycles along jagged cloud-forest peaks and hairpin bends, traveling from the snow capped Andes through a lush, green, tropical landscape to the finish line near the Pacific Ocean.

Although the day was fraught with challenges, the men formed a tight team and faced each problem head-on. Despite obstacles, delays and the great distance to the finish line, the men completed their journey in just 17 hours, finishing at 10:22 pm – only two hours later than expected. “Turning back was not an option.” said Reese. “I would have pushed the motorcycle the last 85 miles if I needed to.”

Reese and Montero's endurance record-breaking route
Reese atop Chimborazo, the highest mountain on Ecuador, boasting the closest point on Earth to the sun.

As in his previous world endurance record attempts, Reese carried an American flag gifted to him by retired veteran and friend, SFC Rod Hawk, for good luck. The flag originally flew in Iraq and was presented to Hawk for his accomplishments during the war. Reese, who has also served in the army, said “I carry the flag as a reminder of the Motorcycle Relief Project, a major reason why I set these endurance records.”

The trip was captured on film by Brad Barker, of Epic Nomad Productions, and will be featured on Barker’s YouTube channel, “The Ride of My Life.”

For more on Carl Reese’s records and adventures visit

Reese and Montero embarked on this record-setting ride to bring awareness to the Coalition of Hope Foundation’s efforts to rebuild Ecuador after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake as well as to increase awareness of the Motorcycle Relief Project, a charity that provides relief to combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other injuries.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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