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ADV Videos$2,500 Budget Adventure Bike Challenge

$2,500 Budget Adventure Bike Challenge

 Can you experience the thrill of adventure riding without spending a fortune?

Published on 03.18.2014
Adventure Bike on a Budget
'88 Africa Twin, '93 Super Ténéré and '91 DR Big 800 are chosen for the challenge.

Three road testers purchase a classic Adventure Bike of their choice from the late 80’s and early 90’s. They scour the motorcycle classifieds to identify what they think is the best Adventure Bike on a budget with a limit of $2,500 US (£1,500). The three bikes they choose to purchase are the 1988 XRV650 Africa Twin, 1993 XTZ750 Yamaha Super Ténéré and a 1991 Suzuki DR800S DR Big.

Their challenge is to find out if you can experience the thrill of adventure riding without spending a fortune. The riders set out on England’s version of the Paris Dakar, traveling from Paris, Essex to Dacre, North Yorkshire. All of the bikes are of questionable road worthiness, so traveling more than 200 miles is a challenge in itself. If they make it to Dacre, they intend to test the bikes off-road on a motocross track to see which is the best budget Adventure Bike. Dakar Rally legend Simon Pavey, awaits their arrival at the track to give each bike a thorough test.

See how their adventure unfolds and discover if you really can have just as much fun when you buy an Adventure Bike on a budget.

Author: Rob Dabney

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