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ADV VideosBattle of the Product Crash Test Videos

Battle of the Product Crash Test Videos

 Manufacturers gain consumer confidence by crash testing their products

Published on 01.17.2014
Twisted Throttle crash tests their products so you know they can take the abuse.

How do you know if those crash bars you bought really work or if those panniers will hold up in a fall? Will your $18,000 adventure bike still look pretty after a tumble? Those guards may look sturdy, but will they break on impact? You will never know the answers to these questions until after you crash it seems.

Or maybe someone else could do the crashing for you? Wouldn’t it be great if more manufacturers produced crash test videos that put their products to the test? No gimmicks, no staged scenes, just professional riders that ride hard until the inevitable crash occurs.

Of course no one wants to see anyone get hurt making crash test videos, but there is no better way to build confidence in a product than to show its durability in a crash. Manufacturers that show how well their product handles a fall are rewarded with confidence in their brand. When damage occurs to a product, it is not necessarily bad for the manufacturer. Consumers want to see if the damage is major or minor.


Here are three companies that really torture test products. No one gets hurt in the making of these crash test videos and they don’t try to hide damage to the bikes.

Crash tester and “President” of AltRider Jeremy LeBreton barrel rolls this BMW R1200GS down a hill. Now there’s a company president that know’s his products!

Twisted Throttle
Chris “Teach” Mcneil tries his best to destroy this BMW F800GS as a tester for Twisted Throttle. This poor bike really gets flogged by Chris.

Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV
The host of  Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV crash tests the Yamaha Super Ténéré hard on wet pavement during a bike review. The fall looks painful but the damage is surprisingly minimal.

Would you like to see more crash test videos from manufacturers? Let us know by leaving your comments below and thank these crash testers for their dedication and sacrifice!

Author: Rob Dabney

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