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ADV RidesBritish Female Rider Takes Solo Motorcycle Holiday in Iran

British Female Rider Takes Solo Motorcycle Holiday in Iran

 You may also want to visit Iran after hearing this story from Lois Pryce.

Published on 06.16.2014
Adventure travel author Lois Pryce rides her TTR250 solo 3,000 miles across Iran on a Motorcycle Holiday. (Courtesy Lois Pryce)

Adventure Motorcycle traveler and author Lois Pryce is known to pick some unusual destinations to spend her vacations. She’s traveled solo on a motorcycle to places most people would never dream of visiting, including Nigeria, Angola and The Democratic Republic of Congo. So it’s no surprise she took her most recent Motorcycle Holiday in Iran.

Lois didn’t choose to go to Iran just because she’s a fearless traveler looking for adventure. As a seasoned explorer, she knows that the world is not as scary as most people think. Iran piqued her interest because she heard from other travelers that the people were incredibly friendly and that it was one of the most memorable places they visited.

The news portrays Iran as a country full of Islamic extremists hell-bent on the destruction of the West. Stories about the government’s suppression of free speech, people burning U.S. flags in the streets and women being arrested for dressing immodestly fill the headlines. This image of Iran was a far cry from what other travelers had described to Lois after visiting Iran. So she became determined to see for herself what Iran was really like.


In 2013 her dream motorcycle holiday became a reality when Lois was granted a visa to Iran. Her ride of choice would be a Yamaha TTR250 with an oversized tank, bash plate, custom seat and soft bags. Her trip would take her 3,000 miles from the Turkish border to the Caspian Sea and the capital city of Tehran. She would continue deep into Iran to visit the ancient ruins of Persepolis, a city once conquered by Alexander the Great.

Upon arriving in Iran, Lois was in for a culture shock. Covering her head, removing her makeup and dressing conservatively was a new experience for her. She couldn’t read a single sign on the roads or understand a word people were speaking. Her first encounters with Iran’s people made her feel uneasy, as she received heavy stares. Being a woman from the West riding alone on a motorcycle was beyond strange for most Iranians. The stares eventually turned into smiles though and people began to interact and ask questions. Meeting new people would inevitably lead to generous invitations and offerings of free food. Soon her biggest fear would not be the ill-treatment from Iranians, but weight gain from eating all the delicious food they would give her.

The one danger she had not been prepared for was the bad drivers on the roads. In all of her travels to remote third world countries, nothing could compare to the reckless drivers of Iran. Eventually, these fears would ease though as she realized many of the people she thought were trying to run her off the road were actually trying to stop her to ask questions and give her free food.

What Lois learned from speaking with the people is that they are very much aware of how their country is perceived by the West and are saddened by the negative image portrayed. They are unhappy with the oppressive regime they live under and are openly critical and desperate for change. They want the West to know what the true Iranian people are like. They feel that we are all human beings with more in common than our governments would have us believe.

Traveling to Iran had a major impact on Lois. She discovered Iran is home to some of the friendliest people in the world with a rich and vibrant culture. This experience made her want to spread the truth about this misunderstood country.

Lois liked traveling to Iran so much that she returned less than a year later for another motorcycle holiday. This time she would be accompanied by her husband, another well-known adventure traveler and filmmaker of Mondo Enduro fame, Austin Vince. Austin would help her film and produce a short video of her experiences in Iran. Lois plans to write a book about her travels to Iran in the future as well.

More About Lois Pryce
Lois is one of the most experienced female adventure motorcycle travelers in the world having ridden 20,000 miles from Alaska to the Tip of South America. On another trip she covered 10,000 miles across the continent of Africa. Lois wrote two popular books about her travels and went on to pursue a career as a motorcycle journalist and public speaker. For more information about Lois’ adventures in Iran, visit her website

Author: Rob Dabney

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