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ADV VideosCaution Is Always The Best Approach With River Crossings

Caution Is Always The Best Approach With River Crossings

 This video demonstrates what can happen when you try to be brave.

Published on 03.15.2014
Failed River Crossing
This is what can happen when you try to be brave. Always use caution when attempting river crossings.

When deciding whether to cross a river on your motorcycle, you should always take into account the depth of the water, the speed of the current and whether there are any unseen obstacles. A lot of riders have an aggressive approach to river crossings, which usually leads to trouble. Caution is always the best approach because the consequences of sinking your bike can be severe. You could spend over an hour de-watering your bike or you could even lose your bike down the river.

Watch what happens when the guy in this video decided to cross a river during a flash flood in Colorado. While others waited for the water level to subside, he decides to be brave and attempts the river crossing.  At first it doesn’t look too bad, but he quickly runs into trouble with nowhere to retreat.

Apparently the bike was found a few weeks later, but you can assume that it was a total loss if it sat under water for that long. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his life though. The next time you are considering whether or not to attempt a river crossing, just remember what can happen if you don’t use caution.

Also, check out these 5 Tips that will help you master the techniques of river crossings.

Author: Rob Dabney

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