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ADV VideosADV Spotlight on Dakar Hopeful and Amputee – Erez Avramov

ADV Spotlight on Dakar Hopeful and Amputee – Erez Avramov

 We ride with Erez Avramov, the first amputee to attempt the Dakar Rally.

Published on 04.29.2015

Erez Avramov lost his leg in a near fatal accident in 2010 and is now training to become the first amputee ever to race the Dakar Rally on a motorcycle. His previous career in the Israeli Special Forces taught him how to endure difficult situations but this will be the biggest challenge of his life.

We caught up with Erez during his training in Baja, Mexico and got an update on his progress since his announcement to race the Dakar Rally last October. We also got a chance to ride with Erez in Nevada at the Taste of Dakar.


During our talks, he gave us some insights into the extreme level of fitness required for an amputee to race the Dakar, which is much higher than an able-bodied person due his lack of control. The Canadian is now working out five days a week with a personal trainer and is planning on spending more time south of the border training in the U.S. and Mexico.

Erez Avramov Training in Pahrump Nevada
Erez Avramov training for the 2017 Dakar Rally in Pahrump, Nevada.

In our interview, Erez talks about the challenges ahead for achieving his goal of not just entering, but finishing the Dakar Rally in 2017. He also talks about the top rally race bike options, his mental preparation and more. He’s still got a long road ahead, but we think he’s well on his way to making history.

For more information on Erez’s journey, go to his blog at

Video produced by Jim Downs with some footage courtesy of Peacemaker Filmworks and Ride of My Life.

Author: Rob Dabney

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