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ADV VideosNew ADV Documentary Film Released: Expedition 65º

New ADV Documentary Film Released: Expedition 65º

 A group of 15 passionate riders embark on a dream trip across South America.

Published on 09.05.2017

The newly-released “Expedition 65º” travel documentary tells the story of a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip from Cartagena, Colombia to the “end of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina, undertaken by 15 Adventure Riders who decide to make their dream become a reality. Expedition 65º consists of a group of friends from all walks of life that embark on a journey covering 65 degrees of latitude, in 65 days (hence the name of the trip), with as much dirt riding fit in as possible.

The 4-part series chronicles a year of planning, along with the trials, tribulations, triumphs and breathtaking scenery the group experience as they pursue their ultimate goal of reaching the southern tip of the Americas. Acclaimed Adventure Motorcycle Filmmaker Sterling Noren of Noren Films, takes the audience on a scintillating ride across 6 countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina), exploring some of South America’s most remote destinations and best adventure motorcycle routes.

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65


Led by trip organizer Jim Hyde, the expedition encounters a variety of climates that range from tropical rain forests to high desert plateaus, cloud forests, snow-covered peaks and more. It’s a constant battle with the elements as the team copes with everything from sweltering heat to freezing rain and snow, while zig-zagging their way down the continent.

Some of the top Adventure Motorcycle destinations in South America are highlighted in the film, including the Uyuni Salt Flats made famous by the Dakar Rally, Bolivia’s infamous Death Road, and the rugged windswept coastline of Tierra del Fuego. The journey takes them to some of the most remote and rugged areas on the planet, where they warm their bones in sublime hot springs, ride through the highest tunnel in the world, visit a steam train graveyard and lay eyes on the tallest peak in the Americas.

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65

Although not everything on the trip is rosy. Sterling doesn’t try to whitewash the unpleasant parts out of the film. Expedition 65º provides a gritty, authentic view of what it’s like living on a motorcycle for months, riding through rugged terrain, often far from civilization. A few drawbacks of traveling in a large group also begin to emerge in the form of interpersonal conflicts and becoming a target of locals wanting to shake down foreigners for money.

Inevitable misfortunes hit the group as well during the 65-day trek, including a freak accident that sends one team member home early, elevation sickness that threatens the life of another, a smoked clutch that immobilizes a bike in the middle of nowhere, just to name a few. But the team finds ways to pull together, persevering through each challenge, to edge ever closer to their final destination where the road ends.

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65

Yet it’s the people they encounter along the way and the interactions that occur that give the film a deeper meaning. Often times, it’s complete strangers that get them out of a jam or take them to the most amazing places they might never have known existed. And while the people they meet live much different lives, there is something magical that happens when they make a connection. Butting heads between A-Type personalities in the group is another common theme of the film but in the end, it’s the camaraderie of the riders that endures to send a final inspiring message.

Expedition 65º gives an authentic glimpse of what it’s like to embark on an Adventure Motorcycle ‘trip of a lifetime’ with a large group of friends, from logistics and planning to life-changing encounters, and the realities of living on the road. An inspiring film with an underlying theme that rings loudly — don’t wait for some day, find a way to make that big dream trip a reality now!

Adventure Motorcycle Documentary Film Expedition 65

The complete Expedition 65º 4-part series is available now for streaming ‘On Demand’ through Vimeo and and can also be ordered on DVD. All four episodes are a combined 2 hours 50 minutes of viewing, so grab your popcorn!

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Author: Rob Dabney

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