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ADV VideosDoes a 500 Pound Dirtbike Really Work Off-Road?

Does a 500 Pound Dirtbike Really Work Off-Road?

 Motorcyclist Magazine tests the new BMW F800GS Adventure off-road.

Published on 03.17.2014
Zack Courts tests the off-road capabilities of the new F800GS Adventure.

In this 2014 BMW F800GS Adventure review, Motorcyclist Magazine’s Zack Courts sets out to determine if the bike is too heavy to be effective off-road. With panniers and a full tank of gas, the F800GS Adventure weighs in at a whopping 560 pounds. Most would assume this bike is too heavy to be competent in the the dirt, but you might be surprised after watching the video.

Zack takes the F800GS Adventure out to the “wilderness” of Southern California to perform an off-road test. The test includes an analysis of how well the new ASC (traction control) and ABS “Enduro” mode setting works off-road. Touring features like the new seat and tall windscreen are also reviewed.

The F800GS Adventure review doesn’t cover any extreme off-road trails, but we do see some scratches on the radiator shrouds in a shot of the bike at the end of the video. Maybe there were some outtakes? Overall, it’s impressive to see how the F800GS performs off-road.


Author: Rob Dabney

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