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ADV RidesHere’s What it’s Like Riding Adventure Bikes in Iceland

Here’s What it’s Like Riding Adventure Bikes in Iceland

 A two-day 470-mile journey to explore a volcanic fissure in South Iceland.

Published on 10.06.2015

Iceland may not grab the same attention as more popular adventure riding destinations like Argentina, Alaska or the Alps, but that could change, thanks to stunning videos like this one from round-the-world adventurer Kristjan Gislason, that are helping to put his homeland on the map.

Shaped by eons of volcanic activity, Iceland is the stuff of legends, as Gislason’s video on a two-day ride to the south of the island highlights. The 472 mile (755 km) journey to Laki, a volcanic fissure in the south of the island, is more than just an exploration of the land of fire and ice; it’s also homage to an inner circle of people who helped Gislason complete his circumnavigation.


Riding Iceland Drone shot

The ride is a jaw-dropping testimony to the terrible beauty of this magical landscape. Seared by molten lava and blasted by arctic winds, the rugged desolation makes for some exhilarating adventure riding. Astride their BMW GSs, the riders scramble up rocky slopes, ford waterways, and barrel along gravel tracks in a surreal traverse of southern Iceland.

Gislason’s whimsical video captures the ride magnificently, from the heart-warming camaraderie among the riders, to the mind-blowing imagery from a drone. And yet, all the modern technology in the world cannot do justice to the primeval glory of this sub-arctic wonderland that is beckoning to be discovered on two wheels.

To see more of Kristjan Gilason’s Adventure Touring videos, check out his website at

Author: Derek Alberts

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2 thoughts on “Here’s What it’s Like Riding Adventure Bikes in Iceland

  1. Gislason mentions that there’s an F800 in there, as well. They’re not all monsters!

    Wonderful video; thanks for re-posting it.