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ADV Prepping

ADV Prepping

Advice and tips to get you prepared for your next Adventure Tour. Whether you are planning a motorbike world tour or a night of motorcycle camping in the local woods, you’ll find helpful information on mechanical preparation, health and fitness, riding skills improvement and more.

Moab Immersion: Hone Your Skills While Exploring Off-Road Mecca

There are three types of adventure riders: those that have been to Moab, Utah, those who are planning to go, and those who want to go but are overwhelmed by the riding options in what is arguably the premier off-road destination in... Read More

Quick Tips: Things to Know Before You Go Ride Latin America

So you got your passport, time off of work, and you want to point your front wheel to the south and ride through Latin America. We know you probably have your spare tubes, spare underwear, and Quicksteel packed away for... Read More

Catching Up With Chris Birch: What You Always Wanted To Ask

Some racers, be it moto, enduro, off-road, or road, have that extreme drive to win, but when they are off the track, they might not really be into all aspects of motorcycling. Yet Chris Birch is not that kind of racer, even... Read More

Quick Tips: How To Ride Sand on a Big Adventure Bike

Sand is just little pieces of rock and minerals. The beach is covered in warm, soft sand that we love to lounge in and kids love to play in. Such happy times. But that’s not the case when we are riding our... Read More

Quick Tips: Are You Destroying Your Technical Riding Gear?

After dropping a huge chunk of dough on a brand new adventure bike, you do everything you can to keep it running and riding in optimal form. Do you do the same thing with your (sometimes crazy) expensive riding gear? There are... Read More

Quick Tips: Simple Ways to Improve Bike Control & Comfort FREE!

Riders come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of skill levels and preferences. Yet other than seat height, most models of adventure bikes are a one size fits all sort of situation. To fix that, there are a lot of... Read More

Quick Tips: How To Avoid Wire-Spoke Wheel Disasters

  For any kind of moderate to gnarly off-road riding, wire-spoke wheels are a must on adventure bikes. They offer a combination of strength and flex that you just can’t get with cast wheels. But, unlike cast, a spoke wheel has a lot... Read More

Why The ADV Days Adventure Rally Is Not To Be Missed

Do you remember the scene in the movie “The Matrix” when Neo has a cord plugged in his head and they upload a karate program and he opens his eyes and says, “I know Kung Fu.” Well, ADV Days is sort of... Read More

Quick Tips With Chris Birch: Get a Big Bike Unstuck By Yourself

You’ve marveled at his ADV riding skills - torqued out power slides, fender-dragging wheelies, trials-like rock hopping - but Chris Birch does, from time to time, find himself in a spot of bother. And while it is always advisable to ride with... Read More
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