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Motorcycle Safety Gear

Products that protect adventure riders from exposure to the elements and guard against injury, including safety equipment, body armor, protective gear and survival gear.

Klim Krios: Lightweight, Full-Featured Carbon ADV Helmet

With a lightweight carbon-fiber shell, advanced features and the ability to adapt to various riding styles, the Klim Krios Adventure Helmet challenges the notion that one helmet can’t do it all.A mainstay in the adventure motorcycle community, Klim produces some of the... Read More

Secure Holster with High-Viz “Emergency” Tag for SPOT

Adventure proof packing and gear systems innovator Giant Loop has introduced the Tracker Packer™ ruggedized holster for the SPOT Gen3 GPS-enabled location tracker and emergency beacon. Giant Loop worked in conjunction with four-time Baja 1000 winner Quinn Cody and the Kurt Caselli Foundation to develop the Tracker Packer... Read More

Make Your ADV Rides Safer With These First Aid Basics

Often when we plan motorcycle trips, our main focus is on the routes we will take, where we will stay and the sights we will see. We purchase good protective gear, perfect our riding technique and stay on top of maintenance to... Read More

Get Noticed By Other Motorists With a SoundBomb

It's a mystery why they put such wimpy little horns on motorcycles. Motorcycles are the ones on the road that need to get noticed the most.A louder horn can help you get attention when drivers fail to see you. You'll also... Read More

Which is the Best SPOT GPS Messenger Device for You?

You have no doubt heard about the SPOT GPS messenger or seen one of the devices attached to the shoulder of other riders. If you are deep in the back country and you get in trouble, a SPOT allows you to alert... Read More

Top Dual Sport Boots For Less Than $250

In the last few years, there has been an explosion of new products designed for Adventure Riders. Just a few years ago, we were limited to only a handful of Dual Sport Boot... Read More

Hearing Protection That Only Filters Out the Harmful Sounds

It is a fact that our hearing declines as we age and riding motorcycles without hearing protection can speed up the process of hearing loss significantly. Wind noise registers around 95dB at 60 mph (even with expensive helmets), which is enough to... Read More

Dual Sport Helmet Options For Less Than $200

Dual Sport helmets are great for Adventure Bike riders because they give you the best features of both street and dirt helmets.  A typical Dual Sport helmet includes a face shield, sun visor (or peak) and a wide opening around the eyes to... Read More
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