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Quick Tips: Simple Ways to Improve Bike Control & Comfort FREE!

Riders come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of skill levels and preferences. Yet other than seat height, most models of adventure bikes are a one size fits all sort of situation. To fix that, there are a lot of... Read More

DualControl Brake System Improves Braking Reaction Speed

Most OEM brake pedals have a single-positioned small footprint, yet most ADV riders substantially change foot positioning as they switch between standing and sitting. If your foot is not already situated correctly on the rear brake pedal, you are now potentially doubling... Read More

Black Dog Cycle Works Platform-Style Footpegs

If you're a BMW GS fan, you probably already know that the R1200GS has standard size footpegs while the more off-road oriented R1200GS Adventure has larger cleated footpegs. The folks at Black Dog figured if larger is good, then bigger is even... Read More
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