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Eastern Trail Nirvana: New Route From Europe to Asia on Dirt

We’ve all had the urge... that inner wanderlust calling... To pick a heading on the compass and go, letting our curiosity and desire to get far, far away from it all guide our way. That's exactly the inspiration that created the 'The... Read More

Trail Tech Launches Feature-Packed GPS for ADV Riders

When it comes to (the dark art of) dirt bike electronics, Trail Tech is widely regarded as a frontrunner in the industry. With the release of their long-awaited Voyager Pro GPS system though, they might secure their place at the head of... Read More

The Art of Getting Lost: Boost Your Navigation Skills

Bill Eakins, a veteran adventure rider and map co-creator for Butler Maps, admits he sometimes gets lost. “It happens both purposefully and by accident. Sometimes, I’ll start going down unknown roads just to see where they take me. Getting lost means you’ll... Read More

Perfect Squeeze: Best Off-Road Phone Mount You Can Buy?

Hondo Garage, a small company located in Bozeman, Montana and staffed by four people and three robots, has created what it calls, “The best off-road phone mount in the entire world.”“That sounds like hyperbole but it’s not,” says Hondo Garage owner and... Read More

SW-Motech Ruggedized iPhone 5 Motorcycle Mount Review

If you are the minimalist packing type, one way you can consolidate devices on your trips is to ditch your dedicated GPS unit and start using your Smartphone for GPS navigation. You may be thinking "I can't use GPS navigation on my... Read More

Secure Holster with High-Viz “Emergency” Tag for SPOT

Adventure proof packing and gear systems innovator Giant Loop has introduced the Tracker Packer™ ruggedized holster for the SPOT Gen3 GPS-enabled location tracker and emergency beacon. Giant Loop worked in conjunction with four-time Baja 1000 winner Quinn Cody and the Kurt Caselli Foundation to develop the Tracker Packer... Read More

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route Is Now Complete

The Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route (IDBDR) is the latest addition to a growing list of State Backcountry Discovery Routes. The IDBDR is now the fifth route developed by the Backcountry Discovery Routes organization for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. The route runs... Read More

Touring the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

Interested in riding the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route (WABDR) someday? Even if you aren't able to ride it soon, you can still check out what the route looks like in this WABDR highlight video series. The WABDR is a scenic off-road route... Read More

The Hitcase Pro Makes Your iPhone Function Like a GoPro

The Hitcase Pro is a rugged waterproof case that allows you to use your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 as an action camera. With the iPhone, you can view videos you've taken while out in the field and... Read More
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