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New Denali 2.0 Aux Lights: Brighter, Tougher & More Versatile

The all-new DENALI 2.0 auxiliary lighting system has been optimized to offer more flexibility, along with bike-specific, perfect-fit applications for a broad range of motorcycles. The 2.0 lineup now offers a variety of unique features, including a multi-beam lens system, plug-and-play dimming... Read More

NiteRider Releases Pro ADV 3600 LED Auxiliary Lights

NiteRider has entered the powersports category with the Pro ADV 3600 Set, a rugged, powerful, lightweight auxiliary lighting system for adventure bikes. An ADV-specific product with advanced engineering, the ADV 3600 Set comprises of a pair of dual-beam CREE™ LED... Read More

Cyclops Long Range: Best Value in High-Output Aux Lights?

Bounding through the forest at half-past midnight, it's pitch black with no moon in sight but the trail ahead looks nearly as clear as day. Baby heads, dips and ruts are all brightly illuminated and you can see hundreds of yards ahead... Read More

Vision Handguards Offer Two ADV Motorcycle Upgrades In One

Handguards are a popular upgrade for Adventure Bikes. They’re almost a necessity when riding off road, as they help keep your hands from getting smacked by trees or flying debris and protect brake and clutch levers during the inevitable fall. While on... Read More

Can an LED Headlight Bulb Make Auxiliary Lights Redundant?

It's not uncommon to hear some adventure riders proclaim you should "never" ride off-road at night. That may be sound advice if you are riding in unfamiliar territory on a motorcycle with stock lighting, but if you never ride off-road at night,... Read More

Cyclops LED Headlight Bulbs Let You Conquer the Night

The stock lighting on most Adventure Bikes just doesn't cut it for off-road night riding. The weak halogen bulbs create too many shadows, hiding roots and rocks that can jump out and surprise you in the night. A good lighting system allows... Read More

HID vs. LED Auxiliary Lights – Illuminating the Differences

Night riding is a stressful activity for most riders. It becomes more difficult to see road hazards and other motorists have a harder time seeing you. If you ride off-road at night, it can slow your pace down to a crawl as... Read More
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