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Minimalist Packing

Giant Loop Coyote: Classic U-Shaped Saddlebag Reimagined

Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag has been a go-to solution for dual sport and adventure riders since the company introduced it in 2008. The rackless design is aimed at riders who take small bikes into rough terrain. And at 39 liters of total... Read More

Wolfman Daytripper: Performance Saddle Bags for Light Packers

Getting more out of your rides often means bringing less gear, and that's exactly what the 12.4 liter (combined) Wolfman Daytripper Saddle Bags are all about. A lightweight, compact design that caters to dual sport riders who go full-bore on the trail... Read More

Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag Review

Lightweight dual sport motorcycles let you explore challenging off-road terrain at a faster pace and with more confidence than larger Adventure Bikes. They can also get you to remote areas that bigger bikes struggle to reach. But carrying gear on a small... Read More

We Trail Test the New Wolfman Enduro UltraLite Soft Luggage

With more manufacturers bringing small-displacement dual sport motorcycles to market, the need for light-weight performance oriented luggage systems that work well for these smaller bikes has risen. Wolfman Luggage of Colorado has been in the business of building motorcycle luggage for over... Read More

NEMO GoGo Elite 1-Person Minimalist Air-Supported Tent

Few things are more important to an adventure rider on the trail than a sound night’s sleep. A shelter must also be durable, lightweight, comfortable, compact, and easy to erect — all boxes THE NEMO GoGo Elite 1-person tent ticks. The... Read More

Packing Light for Adventure Motorcycle Day Trips

We've all seen that guy out on the trail with his adventure bike or dual sport so loaded down with “necessities” that he’s unwilling (or unable) to tackle anything more challenging than asphalt. His panniers are bulging, his tank bag... Read More

Giant Loop vs. Wolfman Luggage 60L Tail Bag Jiggle Test

In a recent test we compared two of the top off-road-oriented 60-liter tail bags, the Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and the Wolfman Luggage Boulder Beta Bag. one of the top concerns for serious off-road riders is the... Read More

Wolfman vs. Giant Loop 60L Tail Bag Comparison Test

Die hard off-road riders live by the mantra ‘Less is more.’ Leaving behind any unnecessary gear pays dividends once out on the trail. The lighter the load, the easier it is to ride fast and negotiate tough terrain; but at what cost... Read More
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