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Products and information that can help you in a survival situation or extreme environments.

The Art of Getting Lost: Boost Your Navigation Skills

Bill Eakins, a veteran adventure rider and map co-creator for Butler Maps, admits he sometimes gets lost. “It happens both purposefully and by accident. Sometimes, I’ll start going down unknown roads just to see where they take me. Getting lost means you’ll... Read More

Adventure Rider’s Guide to Survival Skills

You’ve been meticulously planning your big adventure and now you’re ready to go. Your motorcycle is all set up, gear and luggage sorted out, you’ve got a reliable GPS with you, flights, bike shipping and visas all figured out. What... Read More

Simple First Aid Anyone Can Do to Help a Downed Rider

Falling down is quite common in Adventure Riding and we all can expect to go down at some point. We realize there's a risk of cuts, scrapes, bruises and the occasional serious injury, so we go to great lengths protecting our bikes... Read More

5 Ways to Get Yourself ‘Into’ a Survival Situation Off-Road

As Adventure Motorcyclists we are always up for exciting challenges and getting off the beaten path. Sometimes that enthusiasm for exploration and discovery leads us to do things that can get us stranded in the wilderness. Even if you are the... Read More

Product Spotlight: Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner

As Adventure Riders, we are always looking for an opportunity to slip away on our bikes for a night of camping. It's hard to predict the weather though and you don't want to get caught out in the cold and spend a... Read More

Five Great Holiday Gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders

Buying gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders can be difficult.  Many products need to be tested out by the rider for fit and feel or are dependent on the make and model of the motorcycle.  You also need to be an Adventure Motorcyclist... Read More

Getting Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency

On a perfect summer day riding through the mountains, we were exploring a new trail that began to get very technical. As the day proceeded, temperatures soared into the high 80's and we'd gone too far to turn around without hurting our... Read More
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