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Trailside Repairs

10 Essential Tools to Handle Nearly Any Trailside Repair

  When it comes to tools, there’s a fine line between being prepared and overpacking. You want to keep your kit as light as possible by carrying only what you’ll need. But how do you know what you’ll need until... Read More

New Thermoplastic Cards May Prove Useful for Trailside Fixes

When you have a breakage or failure in the middle of nowhere, all you have to rely on are your resources and ingenuity to get you out of a jam. Duct tape, Zip-Ties and JB Weld may not be able... Read More

Packing Light for Adventure Motorcycle Day Trips

We've all seen that guy out on the trail with his adventure bike or dual sport so loaded down with “necessities” that he’s unwilling (or unable) to tackle anything more challenging than asphalt. His panniers are bulging, his tank bag... Read More

This Valve Stem Fishing Tool Makes Flat Repairs Easier

One of the worst parts about fixing a flat tire when you use inner tubes is fishing the new valve stem through the hole in the rim. With extra stiff sidewalls on off-road tires, it can take a lot of time and... Read More

Product Spotlight: Serfas AP-C1 CO² Inflator & Hand Pump

CO² Inflators are great for airing up your tires quickly after a flat or when you transition from dirt to street. You save weight over an air compressor and you don't run the risk of draining your battery. The only problem with... Read More

10 Ways To Lighten Your Motorcycle Tool Roll

If you are an Adventure Rider that travels off-road in remote areas, you probably carry a lot of tools on your journeys. No doubt, your tool roll has grown over time as you have encountered breakdowns and realize... Read More

What To Do After Submerging Your Bike During a River Crossing

Several years ago I was riding with a buddy in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, California.  It was a chilly spring day and Craig and I were enjoying the many woodland trails in the area after the snow had melted.  We... Read More
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