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ADV BikesMore Details Revealed on the 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R

More Details Revealed on the 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R

KTM provides closer look at the 790 ADV R during Sardinia Adventure Rally.

Published on 06.27.2018

Since its official unveiling at last year’s EICMA, the KTM 790 Adventure R prototype set social media abuzz. Now, KTM has chosen its European Adventure Rally hosted in Sardinia, Italy as the event to provide an exclusive first look of the model year 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R. The all-new parallel-twin powered Adventure bike has been developed in tandem with KTM’s latest Dakar-winning weapon, the KTM 450 RALLY, to be the link between its enduro bikes and street range in 2019.

With the bike inspired by the demand of its customers and dealers, it was some of these hardcore riders who were the first to see and hear up close an early, pre-production version of the KTM 790 Adventure R. The background and positioning of this exciting new bike was formally introduced by KTM staff and also ridden at the event by Chris Birch – an eight times New Zealand Enduro champ, triple Roof of Africa winner and 2010 Red Bull Romaniacs laureate.

KTM 790 Adventure R specs


According to KTM, The much-awaited 790 Adventure R is made in the “Ready to Race” style benefiting from KTM’s unrivaled offroad competition DNA. The orange marquee emphasizes this is more than just the look of a rally bike; the lightweight KTM 790 Adventure R will have the performance and purpose to back up this image. “For enduro pilots who demand to go further than ever without ever taking the easy route or for adventure riders who desire to tackle the paths least explored, this will be a motorcycle to back-up the ambitious,” assures KTM.

KTM 790 Adventure R Highlights:

  • Utilizes new KTM LC8c 799cc parallel twin engine, tuned for a wider spread of torque when compared with KTM 790 DUKE.
  • Over 400 km fuel tank range – for real exploring.
  • Low seat height for ultimate control in all situations.
  • Low-slung fuel tank for optimum center of gravity.
  • Fully adjustable WP suspension front and back with long travel and PDS for the shock absorber.
  • Radial mounted, 4-piston front brake calipers with ABS and offroad ABS options.
  • Adjustable ergonomics to match the rider and the riding situation.
  • Spoked wheels in true offroad sizes for optimum tire choice.
  • LED lights all around.
  • Full suite of electronic rider aid options, including lean angle sensitivity and ride mode technology.
  • Wide range of official KTM PowerParts developed alongside to complement any journey.

KTM 790 Adventure R specs

After riding the bike, Chris Birch said: “I’m honestly blown away by the new KTM 790 ADVENRTURE R. Naturally, I’ve got a lot of experience on enduro bikes and the awesome ability of the big KTM ADVENTURE models, and this just feels like the perfect combination of them both. Obviously, what I rode is still a prototype, but it´s looking in terrific shape. Can’t wait to ride the final product!”

KTM PR Manager – Street, Luke Brackenbury, said at the event: “KTM listens to its customers and dealers throughout the world and the demand for a very hardcore, mid-capacity ADVENTURE bike was something that was repeatedly raised. Make no mistake, this new KTM will be the most performance-focused middleweight travel enduro on the market with a spec sheet to rival machines of a much bigger displacement.”

KTM 790 Adventure R specs

Based on the details KTM has provided so far, the 790 Adventure R seems to be a street bike with serious offroad capabilities. KTM further refers to it as a lightweight machine, but no information on weight has been released. Full details of the bike will be revealed at EICMA, Milan on November, 2018. Stay tuned!

Watch live KTM presentation recorded by Chris Birch below!

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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8 thoughts on “More Details Revealed on the 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R

  1. Noted – Birch still calls the 1090R “his favourite bike in the whole world” – that’s AFTER riding this 790 Adv … soooo interesting to hear that said. so back to work Team. i wonder if its impossible to lift the front like the duke 790. Looks wise i find it’s way too insect-mantis-like with that weird headlight – Kiska promote a new kid to do this design again pls.

    • Noted. It’s pretty obvious that the KTM “ambassador” Chris Birch, in this instance, or any representative spokesperson, will correctly state that “his or her favourite bike in the whole world”, is a current “production” model, the same model that is about to be killed off, the mighty 1090R. It’s highly unlikely that a company appointed spokesperson will deliver a message along the lines of “save your money, and wait for the next model”. I can only imagine the international dealership dismay, as 1090R sales stagnate, after the renowned Mr Birch says the latest bike is potentially not worth buying, as a large chunk of performance hounds, me included, hold out on the purchase of the new model, when it is eventually and finally released.

      KTM R&D and it’s formidable budget will not deliver a motorcycle that is inferior to the model it will replace. The 790R will be much more than the 1090R was, if only incrementally, initially..

      For the enthusiasti the only solution of course, is to buy both! If only.. please let us know!

  2. It’s nicely guarding the engine bay and underside hard parts from damage. Is that hole in the right side panel on purpose, or from damage? I can not tell. I’m pretty sure that’s a tail type fuel tank in the rear, I *really* hope KTM learned from their mistakes with the 690 rear tank setup. I have not read too much positive review from PDS type shocks in these (off road) applications. That seat looks like a hard board, don’t plan on sitting down too much. I would like to know more about the suspension adjustability when possible, that is usually the most expensive thing to change aftermarket. Where will it be built?

  3. I can’t understand why they don’t want to compare it to the 690 / 701 or 1090 / 1190 / 1290.. every reviewer will anyway. I figure the only way to answer is “somewhere in between” but they wont do that. I mean realistically if it comes in at ~400lbs and is easier to ride it’ll take a huge chunk out of the 1090 sales and render it mostly obsolete in the space unless the parallel twin engine is really boring or buzzy. HP numbers are supposed to be similar so

    • It’s not meant to compete with the 690/701 or the 1*90’s. It’s meant to compete with the 800cc class like the GS and Tiger. The 690/701 are meant to compete with the 650 class like the DR and XR. The 1*90’s are meant to compete with the 1200GS, S10, and larger Triumphs. This 790 will be more off-road capable than the 1*90’s and more street capable than the 690/701.

      I’m sure comparisons will be made with the other larger KTM’s, but it’s in a different class. If it has more HP and weighs less than the middleweight BMW’s and Triumphs then it will do well. That is KTM’s niche….lighter and faster.

      I honestly never understood getting rid of the 1190 for the 1090. Sure it’s a little cheaper, but not enough to justify losing the HP and extra doo-dads. I bet the 1090 will be phased out soon enough.


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