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How To Achieve Backside Bliss On Long Motorcycle Rides

8 Tips to help you maximize your seating comfort on long adventure rides.

Published on 03.04.2014

4. PainZone Roll-On Pain Relief

PainZone by Medzone topical analgesic

Relief from muscle soreness with PainZone.

PainZone is a topical analgesic that can help reduce muscle soreness on long motorcycle rides. It uses a blend of anti-inflammatory agents and essential fatty acids that transport the active ingredients deep into the tissues. Apply it to your backside before a ride and PainZone can even help prevent soreness from ever happening. We’ve tried a test of the product (by applying only to one side) and we could clearly feel the difference. You can feel the product increase your circulation, giving you long lasting pain relief.

PainZone is 20% methyl salicylate and has that “BENGAY” smell, but the roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply without getting that menthol smell on your hands. PainZone can also be used for other types of discomfort you might experience on a long motorcycle ride.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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3 thoughts on “How To Achieve Backside Bliss On Long Motorcycle Rides

  1. I have an xr650r the stock seat was killing me after only riding 1/2 hour, I got a seat from seat concepts , night and day difference, I can ride all day now!

  2. I’m using a Saddlemen Adventure Track on my KLR; it’s the only expensive piece on the whole bike. However, with that seat installed, I can ride for 10 hours w/o needing to visit the ER for monkeybutt-syndrome thereafter. It was worth every penny.


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