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How To Achieve Backside Bliss On Long Motorcycle Rides

 8 Tips to help you maximize your seating comfort on long adventure rides.

Published on 03.04.2014

7. Aftermarket Seats

Sometimes the stock seat is so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to replace it. Or you may be concerned about a seat pad sliding around or a raised seat height. Seat pads can also upset the beauty of your bike as well.

Your next option is to purchase an aftermarket seat for your motorcycle. An aftermarket seat can provide improved comfort without any additional set up before your rides (applying cream, installing a pad, etc.). Just get on the bike and you are instantly comfortable. Installation is usually as easy as popping off the old seat and swapping it with the new one.

Most popular Adventure Bike models have several different aftermarket seats options to choose from. Some of the more popular aftermarket seat makers are Corbin, Seat Concepts, Saddlemen and Sargent. Check out their websites to find out if they make a seat for your motorcycle.


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CorbinSeat Concepts

Author: Rob Dabney

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3 thoughts on “How To Achieve Backside Bliss On Long Motorcycle Rides

  1. I have an xr650r the stock seat was killing me after only riding 1/2 hour, I got a seat from seat concepts , night and day difference, I can ride all day now!

  2. I’m using a Saddlemen Adventure Track on my KLR; it’s the only expensive piece on the whole bike. However, with that seat installed, I can ride for 10 hours w/o needing to visit the ER for monkeybutt-syndrome thereafter. It was worth every penny.