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Adventure Bike Trailside Repair Guide

Get rolling again quickly when things go wrong on the trail

Published on 09.07.2013

Nothing makes you feel more uneasy than encountering a serious mechanical problem far from home. You know that feeling you get when you see oil leaking on the ground or when you turn the key and your bike wont start.

Completing a trailside repair quickly is invaluable If you have been riding for years, you probably know how to handle most situations.  For those that do not have this experience, it can be a long and painful process to gain this knowledge. What if you could have all the knowledge and experience of many different seasoned riders right at your fingertips when you need it?

ADV Pulse has compiled an extremely useful resource you can use the next time your bike becomes disabled in the middle of nowhere.  The Adventure Bike Trailside Repair Guide is and extensive list of quick repairs that have proven to be effective out in the field.  We have compiled some of the most brilliant solutions from expert riders that you can use when no spares are available and help is far away.

The Adventure Bike Trailside Repair Guide will help you learn what essential tools to bring along for your next tour to ensure you can handle most any situation.  Using the handy index, you can quickly look up the problem you are experiencing and discover potential fixes that have worked for others.

Print a copy of the guide and store it on your bike or save an electronic version on your smartphone so you will always have it with you!

Even if you have been riding for years and traveled the world, we guarantee you will find something in this useful guide that could help you save time and headaches on your next trip.

We are currently polishing up the guide making sure it has as many useful tips and tricks for Adventure Riders we can fit in.  As soon as we have completed the  Adventure Bike Trailside Repair Guide, we will send you a copy hot off the press!

Please provide us with your email to pre-order your “Free” copy of the  Adventure Bike Trailside Repair Guide.

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    Author: Gennadii Lolkin

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