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ADV VideosProof You Can Begin Traveling The World With No Money

Proof You Can Begin Traveling The World With No Money

 Daniel Rintz traveled the world surviving on money he earned along the way.

Published on 05.26.2014
Daniel Rintz rode around the world for 2.5 years on his mid-80s BMW R80GS.

Many people dream of traveling the world on a motorcycle, but the belief that you need a lot of money prevents most from ever achieving their goal. When Daniel Rintz decided he would travel the world, he didn’t wait to build up his savings account. He decided to just go and set off on his old BMW R80GS he named Marianne. He wanted to see how far he could get by making money along the way in the countries he visited.

Daniel would complete his journey riding around the world, surviving only on money he made along the way. He would work in construction sites, rice fields, or as a Photoshop instructor at the University of Cairo. Being a media designer, he was able to get paid to build websites and create animations or infographics anywhere in the world he had an Internet connection.

Along the way he would ride through war zone areas, experience mechanical breakdowns and deal with the constant threat of running out of money. There was no support team, no film-crew, no sponsor and no money to buy his way out of tight situations. He hit a low point when his BMW finally broke down in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border. Down to his last $10, Daniel finally stopped trying so hard to control his situation and that’s when he says everything became easier.


Daniel Rintz traveled to 27 different countries in 2 and a half years, capturing 100 hours of footage on his journey. Upon returning home, he was determined to make a documentary film of his journey. Again, he was faced with the obstacle of having no money to make a film. Of course Daniel would not let this stop him from achieving his dream and set out to get funding for his film through a website called Indiegogo. Indiegogo allows anyone to raise money for a project through Crowdfunding. You set up a webpage describing your project and if people like what you are doing they donate funds.

The Indiegogo campaign raised $26,855 and Daniel was able to produce his film titled “Somewhere Else Tomorrow.” The film was recently shown at the Overland Expo in Arizona to a warm response. The story offers an inspiring message to Adventure Travelers… have the courage to follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they seem. DVD’s will be available soon on the Somewhere Else Tomorrow film website.

Somewhere Else Tomorrow Trailer

Author: Rob Dabney

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