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Published on 02.24.2014

Skills You Need
Experienced motojournalists with previous published work are our priority. You’ll also need to be an experienced Adventure Rider yourself. You could be a seasoned world traveler or maybe you just ride locally, but you need to have relevant solid expertise and a passion for Adventure Riding as well as a desire to share your knowledge and expertise with others.

General Article Submission Guidelines
Short posts and opinion pieces are usually between 500–800 words and featured articles are typically 800-1,100 words. Your articles should be long enough to tell your story, but short enough to hold the reader’s attention. Articles need to be unique, provide accurate sources and proper attribution. You will also need to provide high-quality photos with captions. We’ll send you more detailed submission specifications after we have reviewed your qualifications and made sure they meet our requirements.

Guest Posts
Articles must be helpful or informative in nature and be of interest to our audience. In addition, we look for content that is highly inspirational and extraordinary. Keep in mind riding the world is something many are doing nowadays, so your content needs to be about something unusual, highly interesting and/or have main elements that stand out from what everybody else is doing. All content must be unique and not posted elsewhere. We will provide you with an area at the bottom of the story to include brief promo copy and a link to your website, as well as an author bio page. However, we do not accept any type of press releases, advertisements, sales letters, or blatant promotional copy.

Other Types of Content
We are interested in other forms of remarkable content like video and photography. So if you are a skilled photographer or videographer, with a passion for Adventure Motorcycles, get in contact with us.

Introduce Yourself
If you are interested in producing content for ADV Pulse, get in contact with us first so we can determine if it’s a good fit. We strongly recommend you include past published work and explain why your content is unique or extraordinary and would stand out from the rest. Fill out the form below so we can review your qualifications (all * fields required).

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff