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ADV NewsSena Launches Value-Oriented 5S Bluetooth Headset

Sena Launches Value-Oriented 5S Bluetooth Headset

The S5 Bluetooth headset takes a next-generation spin on the classic SMH5.

Published on 08.05.2020

Sena has launched the 5S, a next-generation value-packed intercom system designed with ease of use in mind. The 5S is born from the classic Sena SMH5, one of Sena’s original motorcycle headsets that has been keeping riders connected for nearly a decade. The entry-level 5S puts a new spin on the original SMH5, with Bluetooth 5 and a sleek LCD display for visual confirmation of the device’s settings.

With the new 5S, you get High Definition in-helmet speakers, High Definition two-way intercom, and integrated LCD screen plus the 5S with Bluetooth 5 keeps you connected to your riding companion or passenger with HD sound quality, music sharing, and audio equalizer profiles built right in. With even more features packed in, it also lets you answer phone calls hands-free, listen to FM Radio, and hear your GPS prompts. The 5S features a Helmet Clamp Kit and Boom Microphone. The Jog Dial makes for an intuitive user interface that is much easier to control while riding, which means you’ll ride safer.

Simplified Setup & Operation

The LCD screen enables you to quickly verify your connections and settings before you even put your helmet on. Conversely, manage device functions hands-free while riding using the voice commands supported across 8 languages. And the glove-friendly Jog Dial is perfect for changing volume or answering your phone calls while on the go.

Updated HD Speakers


The newly redesigned in-helmet speakers are optimized for both physical comfort and great audio performance. These particular speakers have been designed with a beveled taper and easily fit in the speaker pockets of a helmet, giving the rider a comfortable experience. The 5S speakers have a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity.

2-Way Intercom & Smartphone Connectivity

The 5S is equipped with an HD 2-way Bluetooth Intercom system that allows for rider to rider communication at nearly a half mile range (0.4 MI, 700 M), almost doubling the range of the SMH5. Pair your smartphone to the 5S to seamlessly listen to music, GPS directions, take calls and more. Sena’s Audio Multitasking™  will allow 5S users to listen to music while simultaneously talking over Bluetooth Intercom.   

Sena 5S Bluetooth Intercom Features

  • HD Speakers
  • LCD Display
  • Bluetooth® 5
  • 2-Way HD Intercom 
  • Audio Multitasking™ 
  • Intuitive Jog Dial 
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Sena Utility App
  • FM Radio
  • Talk time: 7 hours
  • Standby time: 7 days
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Working distance: up to 700m (0.4mi) in open terrain
  • Universal intercom allows allows pairing to other brands of Bluetooth headsets
  • GPS navigation
  • Water resistant
  • Up to 7 hours talk time, 7 days stand-by time 
  • Upgradeable firmware 

Availability and Price

The 5S is now available with an MSRP of $159 USD / €169 EUR (Incl. VAT) for a single pack, and $299 USD / €319 EUR (Incl. VAT) for a dual pack. Like all Sena products, the 5S is firmware upgradeable and comes with a two-year warranty.

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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August 6, 2020 12:13 pm

Why would you need a LCD screen for a headset mounted on your helmet?

August 12, 2020 6:33 am
Reply to  Saxon

In case your phone dies and you want to view or change settings?

August 12, 2020 6:32 am

What some people might not know, and it seems to me that the author of this article is one of them, is that Sena‘s SMH5 came in different versions.

The original version, the SMH5, did not have an FM radio and came with a claimed maximum range of 400m. This version was quickly succeeded (more or less) by a newer version with built-in FM radio and a stronger antenna which boosted the maximum range to 700m. It was called SMH5-FM and featured a yellow instead of a red rear (phone) button. The newest iteration of the SMH5 series is the SMH5-MultiCom, recognizable by its green rear button. The SMH5-MultiCom basically is an SMH5-FM with a special helmet clamp which allows you to quickly mount the device to different helmets without having to install a fixed speaker and mic setup.

From what I gathered from reading the specs, the new Sena S5 is basically an SMH5-FM with a display and BT 5.0. The FM and intercom functionality, including the 700m range, remain unaltered.

Vancouver Soundbar
Vancouver Soundbar
April 7, 2021 2:05 am

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