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New ADV Documentary Film Launching – A Story Worth Living

 Six riders take on the Colorado backcountry in search of an epic adventure.

Published on 03.03.2016

Six novice riders — father, sons and friends — take on the Colorado backcountry on BMW F800GS adventure bikes to create a film about life, meaning and the longing to be part of something epic that is written on every human heart. John Eldredge, author of the ​ New York Times ​best­seller​ Wild at Heart​ (4 million copies sold) and his three sons are joined by two friends for a thousand­-mile ride through the best dual-­sport tracks the Centennial State has to offer, serving up a thoughtful documentary on life’s deepest questions.

Movie: A Story Worth Living

“Everyone is looking for a story worth living,” is the line that opens the film — an adventure narrative that captures the highs and lows of dual­-sport riding, including a bone breaking crash on Engineer Pass. “We set out to tell a story about a story,” Eldredge explains. “Too many adventure films are high on great footage but desolate when it comes to content and meaning. You can only watch so many Red Bull adrenaline shots till you want something meatier—a film that talks about something worth hearing.”

Movie: A Story Worth Living

From a cinematic point of view, ​ A Story Worth Living​ is certainly a gorgeous “best of Colorado” feast with sumptuous footage ranging from the Sand Dunes through ranch country to the famous high backcountry Alpine Loop outside Ouray. Psychologist Dr. Dan Allender joins Eldredge (a counselor himself) to stir up reflective conversation on the story every individual lives, and the story we are all looking for.

The 90-­minute documentary —an entry in this year’s Overland Expo Film Festival— premieres in a one­-night nationwide screening on May 19, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. local time. Tickets go on sale on Friday March 4, 2016 and can be purchased by visiting

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Author: Annette Peterson

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17 thoughts on “New ADV Documentary Film Launching – A Story Worth Living

  1. Interesting indeed. We did the COBDR on our Yamaha WR250R bikes and it was challenging in sections. At no point it felt like ‘we could no do it’ though… The movie makes it sound extra dramatic but I guess it has to sell somehow.

    Will watch it when it comes out 🙂

  2. C’mon man. A little dramatic for me. I did the COBDR last year with my 70 year old dad. He has one leg and drove the entire route in his stock FJ Cruiser and I leap frogged him on a KTM 690. He never once complained or thought he couldn’t make it. Epic scenery though…

  3. The cinematography looks fantastic, but I’ve ridden this route. It’s nowhere as difficult as the trailer makes it out to be. It has some challenging sections, but even an intermediate average rider shouldn’t have many issues on this trail.

    I’m going to go see it though for the video shots and memories of riding the COBDR if nothing else!

  4. This movie sucked. It is a story of a story of a story. There is nothing here. It tries really hard to be of some meaning but has none. It is an insult to series like A Long Way Around and A river Runs Through it to even be mentioned. I wanted to yell at the screen a few times because it was so forced. He is thought, tell us where you are, where you are going. Talk about things that happen on the trip and do not force scripted stories. I want my time back, complete waste.

  5. The movie was neither epic or an adventure… The story we were sold was this was an epic adventure of novice riders challenging themselves in ways they never have and how they overcame them… Rather we found ourselves lost in about 80% diatribe about intended deep conversation (that wasn’t that deep) and with a very overt goal of converting the audience to Christ. Nothing wrong with the goal except when you con people into doing it rather than being open about it… I’d seriously consider taking this misleading article about the movie off of the page as it doesn’t represent what adv riders I know are looking for… At best watch the movie then hangs the article to reflect the actual movie not the trailer..

  6. I’d highly recommend removing this, or updating with a real review of the movie–or at least a discussion about the motorcycle/ADV community’s reaction to it. A very misleading sham of a film.

  7. This movie is not what it pretends to be. The trailer and promotion make it appear to be a documentary of motorcycle adventure travel. Unfortunately, it is not a documentary, and has very little to do with motorcycles, adventure, or even travel. A Story Worth Living is a highly scripted, Christian brainwash meant to pull the unsuspecting into church. And this is the part that irritates me the most about this horrible film: It has a hardcore Christian agenda, and it hides this not only in its promotion, but subtle starts dribbling it out as the movie goes on, until near then end where the film finally drops the facade and commences into how great god is, and how blessed we are to be captive in his world. That’s just gross. I was completely duped into paying money to watch their preaching. Mr. Eldredge, I know your god wants you to promote your holy opinions, but to deceive everyone in the process is disingenuous, deceitful, and simply low.

  8. I just saw this post while reading another and had to comment.
    I went to see the movie. I brought 5 people who don’t know about ADV Moto and wanted to use this as an introduction. I hung my head in shame. Oooooh, train wreck. This movie blows but what’s funny? Here’s a quote from the father who created the film, “Too many adventure films are high on great footage but desolate when it comes to content and meaning. You can only watch so many Red Bull adrenaline shots till you want something meatier—a film that talks about something worth hearing.”

    This movie was a meatless vacuum attached to my intellect and soul. I’m now dried out and my friends made me pay for drinks just to make up for their time!

  9. If you want to see a non-adventure movie about a bunch of pompous, arrogant, narcissistic, over-privileged, dramatic religious wing-nut squid pansies who are completely out of touch with reality, cry and pray about their lives, then this movie is for you. Some of the photography and scenery is not bad though.

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