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Rally Raid Launches Adventure Kit for the BMW G310GS

The baby GS gets serious off-road upgrade with the Rally Raid Adventure Kit.

Published on 03.28.2018

Rear suspension

The suspension of the G310GS has also received a dramatic make-over, with Rally Raid offering both an affordable replacement rear shock and fork upgrade option (sold individually or as a pair), which retains the original travel and seat height; together with a higher-performance fully-adjustable PDS shock and matching fork kit that also offers an additional increase in travel and ground clearance.

The LEVEL 1 shock features compression & rebound damping adjustment, together with the option to add a hydraulic remote preload adjuster; and is ideal for those riders who want to upgrade the overall suspension performance while retaining the original seat height.


Rally Raid BMW G310GS rear suspension upgrade

Meanwhile, the LEVEL 2 shock offers a +0.8″ (+20mm) increase in travel, and includes a reservoir at the base of the shock body together with individual high and low speed compression damping adjusters, and a separate rebound adjuster. Again, this shock can also be fitted with the optional hydraulic preload adjuster, and both shocks can be supplied in a range of spring weights to suit individual riders and requirements.

In addition, for shorter riders who may otherwise struggle with the standard seat height, Rally Raid Products have also developed a shorter ‘LOW’ version of their LEVEL 1 shock which immediately reduces the seat height by -0.4″ (-10mm), and can be further adjusted to offer up to -1.4″ (-35mm) over the original height.

Front forks

The corresponding fork kit for the G310GS (both in LEVEL 1 standard travel and LEVEL 2 versions) replaces the non-adjustable front end internal components with dedicated linear wound main springs and low-profile billet aluminium adjustable preload caps. “One of the main criticisms of the standard bike has been the overly-soft and under-damped front end,” John explains. “Our replacement fork components offer a significant improvement using revised settings and adjustable preload, together with a choice of spring rates.”

Rally Raid BMW G310GS front forks

With regard to fitting their upgraded components and accessories, everything that Rally Raid Products manufacture is designed to be bolt-on and off, and can be fitted at home by a competent mechanic using only basic workshop tools. In those few instances where a specific tool is required for certain unique BMW fasteners, Rally Raid Products also include a dedicated tool along with the components.

Protection and accessories

To complement the core wheel and suspension packages for the G310GS, Rally Raid Products also offer a substantial engine guard to protect the otherwise vulnerable underside of the engine (which like many modern motorcycle designs is a semi-stressed member, suspended from the frame). “Our unique design uses a tubular steel ‘cradle’ which completely isolates the base of the engine from any direct impact, together with providing additional protection to the side cases and even base of the radiator,” John reveals.

From launch, there will also be a comprehensive range of dedicated adventure-touring accessories including: side luggage racks to support soft luggage; a tail rack suitable for mounting a 1 US gallon Rotopax fuel/water container; bar-risers and a Fat-bar mounting option; GPS mounts and USB/12v auxiliary power sockets, and a choice of two taller windshields that have been specially molded to allow a wider range of handlebars and hand-guards to be fitted without restricting the steering on full lock.

Rally Raid BMW G310GS adventure kit

An example of prices of key products:

• LEVEL 1 shock $564 (£399)
• LEVEL 1 LOW shock $564 (£399)
• LEVEL 1 fork kit $281 (£199)
• LEVEL 2 combined shock and fork kit $1,129 (£799)
• Heavy-duty wire-spoked wheel set (tubed) $1,166 (£825)
• Heavy-duty wire-spoked wheel set (tubeless) $1,483 (£1049)
• Adventure engine guard (black powder coat) $281 (£199)
• Adventure windshield (tall) $129 (£91)
• Scorpion Serket exhaust system (available with/without catalytic converter) from: $445 (£315)

Proof of Concept

Rally Raid BMW G310GS adventure kit

Prior to the G310GS Adventure kit officially going on sale worldwide on the 2nd April 2018, Rally Raid Products recently embarked on a final pre-production shakedown in the Australian outback, using two identically prepared machines.

The two bikes were ridden by Australian BMW brand ambassador Amy Harburg, and product engineer Adam Mitchinson from Rally Raid Products, who had flown in from the UK to complete the final bike preparation, prior to the pair taking part in the annual 3,500 kilometer APC Rally – a multi-day marathon off-road event that would offer the perfect real-world test and plenty of opportunity to showcase the enhanced all-terrain abilities of this new bike.

After riding for full 9 days back-to-back, between them they had racked up over 10,000 kilometers of demanding all-terrain riding — comprehensively proving the strength and reliability of both the Rally Raid parts and the BMW G310GS itself; and perhaps most importantly of all, that you don’t always need a big ADV bike to have a really big adventure.

Rally Raid Products has already released selected parts and accessories from the G310GS Adventure Kit with direct shipping worldwide, and will release the full range of products starting April 2nd, 2018. For more information go to

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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