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New Off-Road Kit Makes the Honda CB500X More Dirt Capable

Honda CB500X gets a serious off-road upgrade with the CB-X Adventure Kit.

Published on 04.03.2015
The Complete CB500X Adventure Kit (Level 3 Price: $2,999) raises the bike 2” front and rear, and in turn offers just a touch under 7” travel at both ends (same as a BMW F700GS, for example).
Rear shock: Long-travel (+50mm/2” over stock) Adventure shock – high-quality aluminium body with adjustable preload and remote reservoir that offers additional capacity, and separates the damping controls – featuring 100% high and low speed Compression damping adjusters on the remote, and a dedicated 100% rebound adjuster on the shock body. Includes RRP mounting bracket for the remote reservoir. Choice of three spring rates: softer/standard/harder.
Adventure rear suspension linkage: Billet aluminium linkage bone and heavy-duty steel side plates to retain correct suspension geometry. The revised rear suspension linkage is not only stronger than OEM, but fundamentally retains the correct geometry for the longer travel suspension.
Front forks: Replacement internal components – longer Tractive springs (that eliminate the 6” OEM plastic spacer), Adventure +30mm travel RRP damper-rods with built-in shim stack valving, and adjustable preload fork caps. Choice of three spring rates: softer/standard/harder.
Triple Clamp
Adventure triple-clamp: 20mm stepped billet-aluminium top clamp incorporating Scotts steering damper mounting as standard, with adjustable bar/riser block (standard 7/8ths included, or optional 1,1/8ths ‘high-rise’ for Fat-bars). The billet top-triple clamp is not only required for 19” front wheel clearance, but also offers adjustable bar positioning, and the option of a wider choice of oversized handlebars, together with the option of fitting a Scotts steering damper at minimal additional cost.
Side Stand
Replacement Side Stand:  Longer (+55mm) side-stand. A longer side-stand is also included to reflect the +2.5” increase in ground clearance.
Wheel Set
Rear wheel: 17” x 4.25 black anodised aluminium rim, heavy-duty stainless steel spokes and aluminium RRP hub that accepts the OEM drive and brake components (compatible with stock ABS components where fitted).
Front wheel: 19” x 2.50 black anodised aluminium rim, heavy-duty stainless steel spokes and aluminium RRP hub & dedicated disc spider that accepts the OEM brake components (compatible with stock ABS components where fitted).
Front Fender
Low Fender: Dedicated 19” low front fender and mountings to fit original fork legs with improved clearance for knobby style tires.
In addition to the core Adventure kit, at launch there will be a number of key accessories available to further improve the off-road capability of the CB500X, making it an even more effective dual sport motorcycle.
Optional Accessories (available from launch)
RRP Adventure Engine Guard and integral skid-plate: This unique tubular design cradles the otherwise unprotected underside of the engine, offering a completely flat skid plate helping to glide over obstacles, and that is strong enough to completely support the weight of the bike for maintenance and wheel removal etc. The black powder-coated assembly also incorporates lower engine bars to protect the leading edges of the cases on each side, while there are a dedicated shields for both the exhaust catalyst and oil filter/front of engine. We consider this an essential accessory for confident travel in more serious off-road terrain. 

RRP Soft-luggage side racks: This compact and lightweight tubular support system offers substantial location for a wide variety of soft bags, and has been optimised to work with the Giant Loop Siskiyou panniers. Despite their narrow profile, the CB500X specific racks have been specifically designed to maximise otherwise unused space, and allow the fitting of additional ‘Tool-Tube’ stowage on the inside face of each rack. Available in black powder-coat finish. 

RRP tail-pack rack: An additional tail rack ideal for lightweight and bulky items such as camping equipment. The rear rack has also been optimised to locate the Giant Loop Klamath waterproof tail-pack, which is ideal for tools, spares and a puncture repair kit. Available in black powder-coated finish to complement the side-luggage racks. 

RRP pillion rack: This unique design allows solo riders to utilise the space over the rear of the seat more efficiently – either for securing additional soft luggage, or even mounting a hard top-box for more secure stowage. Quick-release connection allows for easy access under the one-piece seat, or removal should impromptu pillion provision be required. 

RRP ‘solo’ mounting brackets: For those who wish to use the tail-pack rack or pillion rack without the side racks, these dedicated mounting brackets replace the OEM grab handles and allow you to mount the tail-rack or pillion rack directly to the bike. 

RRP heavy-duty footpegs: These large platform style footpegs are a direct replacement for the skinny OEM units. Providing far more substantial support when standing off-road, or simply for general road-riding, the welded stainless steel construction offers much greater strength, grip and support. Available in both a hard-wearing black phosphorous coating or raw stainless finish, we consider these ‘a must’ for anyone considering venturing off-road with the CB500X.

More Accessories Planned: The range of accessories will be expanded over the coming months to also include a folding-tip gear shift lever, additional exhaust header protection, rear brake reservoir protector,  rear shock protector and GPS mounting bracket for the cockpit.

CB-X Adventure Kit Launch
The first complete Rally Raid Products CB-X Adventure Honda will be previewed at the Overland Expo West, May 15-17 near Flagstaff, Arizona. The basic adventure kit and initial accessory options are expected to be available for purchase by May 15th.

After the Overland Expo, British Dakar Rally racer Jenny Morgan from Rally Raid Products will ride the CB-X Adventure Honda across the US and back again on the Trans America Trail, a 5,000-mile off-road route starting in Southeastern Tennessee and ending on Oregon’s Pacific Coast. Death Valley (lowest road), Pikes Peak (highest road), Moab slick rock, and a one thousand mile Iron-Butt Association challenge will be highlights of Morgan’s eastward leg of the trip.


Visit Rally Raid Products’ blog for CB-X Adventure Kit development details.

Author: Rob Dabney

Rob Dabney started a lifelong obsession with motorcycles at the age of 15 when he purchased his first bike – a 1982 Honda MB5. Through his 20’s and 30’s he competed in off-road desert races, including the Baja 250, 500 and 1000. Eventually, his proclivity for exploration led him to dual sport and adventure riding. Rob’s never-ending quest to discover what’s around the next bend has taken him on Adventures in Mexico, North Africa, Europe, and throughout the American West. As a moto journalist, he enjoys inspiring others to seek adventure across horizons both near and far.

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Author: Rob Dabney

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10 thoughts on “New Off-Road Kit Makes the Honda CB500X More Dirt Capable

  1. The pricing is going to be what makes or breaks this conversion kit. At some point, it will have been way cheaper to just buy a more expensive bike, and with just a set of wheels running over $1000, I can’t fahom how they’re going to keep this at a reasonable price point.

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  3. $2500 is waaaaay high, but also understandable given what’s included. It’ll make sense for people who already have this bike and wish it was more capable, so they can buy it later as they can afford it. But to buy the bike and plan to do this kit? I’d suggest a V-Strom instead, even though it still has cast wheels… or get the new “XT” model that came out in 2015, which has spoked wheels. I’d like a set of those, but I priced ’em up and it’d cost $2000 just to get those wheels for my bike. Ouch.

    • This will be lighter and far smaller than the v-strom. This adds up to better offroad characteristics. New, the cb is a great value but yuo can get very good used prices. The kit also comes in stages so you can upgrade as need and money allows.

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